Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st March 2021 Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st March 2021 Written Update by Tanaya

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st March 2021 Written Episode

The episode starts with Rukmini asks Shri Krishna why he stopped playing flute as she was enjoying it & he tells her that it seems one my devotee is remembering me.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji what was written in Pundalik’s birth book & he tells him it was exceptional.
Pundalik is playing with his friends competing of steering within each other’s eyes in which he keeps winning & all his friends accept their defeat.
Pundalik’s parents are performing prayers of Shri Krishna Gopala & also offering sweets while Pundalik’s uncle come to meet his father.
Pundalik arrives & bends down to pray his uncle while he sees some miraculous image in him & pleads his brother due to his wrong deeds towards him & also asks forgiveness praising Pundalik whom he feels he is God’s gifted child.
Pundalik along with his parents are praying Shri Krishna & they tell him that you’ll always be blessed by Gopala Lord Shri Krishna so to always be devoted to him as your Prabhu.
Pundalik goes in the village & sees a clay maker who has made Statue of Shri Krishna & he gets attracted towards the Statue hence asks clay maker if he can give him but he tells him this has to be earned but how Pundalik asks him & he tells him to work, earn & then you can take this. Pundalik sees the clay maker how he prepares clay hence he tells him I’ll do this work so that I can earn my Prabhu’s Statue from you so he allows him to prepare the mud into clay & Pundalik keeps pressing them mud mixed with water to prepare clay for making various Statue’s while clay maker along with his wife appreciates his work & Shri Krishna also understands about Pundalik who is trying to achieve him by working hence gives him powers to achieve this goal.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji did Pundalik earned the Statue of his Prabhu & he tells him when anybody devotes truly then he is ought to get blessings of his Prabhu.
Pundalik makes very good clay by which clay maker gets surprised appreciating his true devotion as a small child towards his Prabhu along with all the villagers & his friends watching him hence his wife gets emotional & hand-over’s the Statue to him telling this is all yours now.
Pundalik’s father also comes & appreciates him for good work of earning his Prabhu’s Statue hence Pundalik runs to show his mother who is also delighted seeing Shri Krishna’s Statue in his hands & supports his devotion towards him.
Pundalik takes good care of the Statue getting more & more devoted towards Shri Krishna. His mother also provides him food daily for Shri Krishna & Pundalik separately. Shri Krishna eats food with Pundaliks’ hands very happily while Rukmini appreciates his devotee’s devotion towards him.
Pundalik is always attached with the Statue of Shri Krishna day & night forgetting all other things in life while Shri Krishna is very happy about his devotion.

Precap: Ganeshji says that Pundalik’s devotion grew more & more towards his Prabhu but at one time it got disturbed. Shri Krishna got up from his seat emotionally feeling his devotee’s disturbance. Villagers have picked Pundalik praising him.

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