Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd December 2019 Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd December 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd December 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with rashmiprabha asking bhandasoor how you can become so arrogant towards your daughter & what I had done wrong of you so he says because of my status I had to do this. Ganesh tells mata that bhandasoor will try doing something. Rashmiprabha tells bhandasoor that why are you fighting with mata & still getting defeated so to stop this war & ask for forgiveness from mata then he gets annoyed saying I am not born to surrender as these words are not in my life so I need to win & I will play the biggest game which will be my ultimate solution. Mata tells ganesh he will plan final solution now so ganesh asks what can it be so she tells him we have to see. Mata orders devi’s to rest & ganesh says I have to search what can be his final solution.
Bhandasoor says time has come to use my final solution while rashmiprabha asks bhandasoor still you wish to fight then whom you will send. He is creating evils telling them welcome & they are telling them we are three & there is one us who is resting & he is kumbhakarna & bhandasoor is saying to keep him alert.
Kartik says bhandasoor has done his work by bringing new evils while ganesh says who can this evil be? They are discussing about how to plan & kartik tells ganesh to bring rashmiprabha so ganesh tells him she has to call me.
Bhandasoor tells his daughter that to not to worry as now I will win any how. He is reminding what mohini had asked him previously & asks rashmiprabha where is your mata & how she has vanished as you arrived or is it this plan? Or is ganeshji playing tricks with my emotions so rashmiprabha tells him to not to think wrong of ganeshji so I as your daughter request you to stop this war because you can’t win against the powerful mata like parashakti then he shouts her to stop & tells her that I am your father & will win all kinds of war if it’s with mata or ganeshji.
The evils are saying we will fight for bhandasoor for which we have concrete plan & they are trying to wake their brother. His brother is explaining him how much you try but evil can’t win towards gods & reminds him of the past defeats. The evil is explaining how to tackle & tells his brother to lift mata parashakti but he asks him should I do this then he tells him yes & he accepts his orders.
Kartik is telling ganesh that somebody is coming so ganesh is saying due to blackish weather I can’t see but he says a complete army is coming while devi’s are also feeling it’s army. They are discussing what to do as they are moving ahead but without any leader so ganesh says I have to wash this smoke first as can’t see because of smoky weather.
Ganesh watches the evils & feels I have seen two evils but in smoky condition so can’t recognize. The evils brother tells him to not show identity to ganehsji. Kumbhakarna blasts the mountain & comes out from it while all are shocked to see. Indra dev says ganesh should recognize them immediately while the evils are saying he has woken before time so ganesh says this time not one but three evils have come & kartik asks who are they while ganesh is watching.
All are watching what the huge evil is doing & devi asks what we have to do & the evil is holding the whole rath in his hands while bhandasoor is happy seeing this & tells rashmiprabha that this is start of my winning which ganehsji can’t stop. Kartik alarms ganesh & moves from them taking the rath in his hands. The evil’s brother says before time we are winners. Ganesh recognizes one of them as dashanand.

Precap: Mata says now time has come to bring narayan’s avatar prabhu shri ram to end this. Bhandasoor says this time they can’t do anything because he is not there with them then rashmiprabha asks who is he so he says mahabali hanuman.

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