When Harsh Vashisht ‘got punched’ by Mohit Malik on his face… Read for details

Harsh Vashisht has been at his best playing the baddie Amrit in Zee TV’s Doli Armanon Ki (Spellbound Productions). Amrit’s ‘sweet and sour’ relationship with Samrat aka Mohit Malik has been going on for some time in the track. In the coming episodes, both the strong characters will get into a clash, and will fist fight each other.
This sequence is indeed going to be a powerful one. But Harsh tasted the ‘power’ in the arms of co-actor Mohit Malik when shooting for this scene. Harsh received a major blow near his eye, resulting in a wound and scar.

Says a source from the set, “The scene involved Amrit and Samrat wherein they were fighting with each other. Accidentally, Mohit punched Harsh hard on the side of the face; the ring he had on his finger damaged the area and Harsh started to bleed profusely. Harsh had a cut and the whole shoot was stopped for some time. The doctor was immediately called on set, who suggested Harsh about the requirement of stitches. However, Harsh refused to get the stitches put; instead opted for creams and medication to heal the wound.”

When contacted, Harsh Vashisth told us, “Yes, the show has to go on. Mohit (Malik) was very apologetic after this happened. However, I asked him to continue without worrying about me. In fact, he was so kind enough that he dropped me home post shoot. Well, an actor’s future is always at stake when shooting for such sequences. Thank god, my eye got saved.”

Talking further about the bruise, Harsh explained, “The doctor insisted that I get the stitches. But I opted not to go for it. Firstly, I did not want a stitch right on the face. Also, if I had put the stitches, I would not have been able to shoot for the next one week. Since the ongoing track needs me, I did not want to put the show in a problem.”

Harsh will not be shooting for Doli Armanon Ki for the next couple of days. After that, he will take the help of make-up to hide the bruise from being seen.

Here’s a look at the bruised Harsh on the sets of Doli Armanon Ki.

Harsh, wish you a speedy recovery!

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