Woh To Hai Albelaa 18th November 2022 Written Update

Woh To Hai Albelaa 18th November 2022 Written Update by MA

Woh To Hai Albelaa 18th November 2022 Written Episode

Kanha asks Sayuri how is she feeling now. She says she is fine, but he looks dull. He says he is just asking. She says she is feeling really good as baby, mamma, and papa woke up early and can spend quality time together. She insists him to take up some responsibilities and bathe baby first. She then gets angry on him and says he didn’t bring any gifts for baby since the baby is born. Kanha says maa told not to bring anything new until pooja finishes, he will go and bring some toys now. Sayuri says he should bring some colorful soft toys. She then takes her teddy baby down to meet Saroj.

Yash informs Chaudhrys that he already spoke to his lawyer who will handle Kanha’s case, police will visit them for routine questioning. Dhanraj says they will cooperate and do their best to protect Kanha. Sayuri walks down with Kanha and apologizes for joining family late. She asks Saroj to hold her grandson. Saroj takes baby/teddy and once Sayuri leaves throws teddy away. Kanha picks tedddy and asks Saroj to behave normally in front of Sayuri.

Police visits Chaudhrys, and inspector says they have come for a routine investigation as Rishi’s parents have pressed murder charges on Kanh. He says they know its an invalid case as Kusum had already filed a physical and mental harassment case on Rishi and Rishi had escaped from jail; they didn’t worry as police will investigate thoroughly and submit a report if Rishi died to injuries inflicted during fight or something else. Yash says he is relieved now, his lawyer will handle the case from hereon.

Rashmi notices Nakul carrying toys and asks if he is serious. Nakul says he is carrying toys for Sayuri’s teddy as Sayuri questioned Kanha why nobody brought any gifts for her baby. Rashmi says he should support Sayuri’s mental illness and should be practical; says she can understand Kanha’s concern for Sayuri, but Nakul shouldn’t be so emotional. Nakul tongue lashes her for being so superficial and says he would support his brother and SIL at any cost. Rashmi as usual blames Sayuri for Nakul’s rude behavior towards her.

Yash asks Kanha not to worry about the case and concentrate on Sayuri. Indu breaks down unable to see Sayuri’s condition. Bhanu comforts her. Nakul offers toys to Sayuri’s baby/teddy. Sayuri feels happy and seeing a small teddy tells Kanha that Nakul brought their baby’s minature. Family feels sad hearing that. Kanha asks Sayuri to return to her teaching job. Sayuri says she will take care of her baby, let college management find her replacement. Kanha and Nakul say nobody can replace her. Sayuri says she forgot. Sayuri says she is angry on them as they didn’t name her baby yet. Each family member select a name. Sayuri says she herself wil select a name later and goes to bathe her baby/teddy. Saroj gts concerned for her Sayuri.

Precap: Sayuri drops her teddy in fire and tries to pick it back. Kanha stops her and reveals its a toy and she had a miscarriage.

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