Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd May 2023 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

Nitya bails out Nayantara. Inspector warns Nayantara to stay away from Samrat. Nitya assures and takes her aside. Kashvi asks if Samrat got Nayan arrested. Nitya says yes as Nayan got him arrested earlier. Arjun says Samrat took revenge, he will show Samrat what what reveal revenge is. Nayan stops him. Kashvi says she knows Samrat who is very kind and sensitive, she is sure there is some misunderstanding for sure. They reach home. Romila taunts Nayan. Daadi shuts her mouth and asks Nayan to go and rest. Arjun gifts a ring to Mahima. Mahima demands a diamond ring. Kashvi says Arjun’s emotions are attached with the ring, so Mahima should wear it. Mahima says she will wear it, but wants a diamond ring for her engagement. Arjun backs her and asks Kashvi not to interfere between them. Mahima says he can buy her a ring at a new mall’s jewelry shop. Arjun happily agrees. Mahima thinks she will take Pradyuman jealous and force him to change his decision.

At the jewelry shop, Mahima selects expensive ring. Arjun asks Kashvi to wear his grandma’s ring for some time. Ring gets stuck in Kashvi’s finger. She tries to alert Arjun not to buy so expensive ring. Arjun says he doesn’t want to listen anything and just wants to see a smile on Mahima’s face. Pradyuman walks in. Mahima gets more cosy with Arjun and loudly says she will wear only this ring on their engagement tonight. Pradyuman gets jealous seeing that. Kashvi takes Arjun aside and says its a 3-4 lakhs worth ring, he should take his parents’ permission before spending their hard-earned money. Arjun asks her to relax as he is their only son and they would have saved money for his wedding. He says she won’t understand what love is. Mahima introduces Arjun to Pradyuman as her fiance and informs that they are getting engaged today and married in a few days. She invites him for their wedding.

Mahima and Arjun’s engagement starts in the evening. Nitya notices Arjun gifting a precious diamond ring to Mahima and tells her husband that she gave her MIL’s ring to Arjun, but don’t know where he got expensive ring from. Mahima clicks selfies and posts in her social media account to make Pradyuman jealous. Arjun asks Kashvi to click his and Mahima’s selfies. Kashvi hiding her tears says she will get the ring removed by jeweler and return to him. Arjun asks to keep it as her BIL’s gift. Next day, Nayan tries to teach Mahima to prepare rotis, but Mahima refuses to learn. She gets a call from municipality and leaves. Mahima gets Pradyuman’s call, asks Kashvi to prepare rotis, and picks Pradyuman’s call. She asks why if he saw her and Arjun’s engagemmnt pics, did he like her ring, etc. Pradyuman says Arjun is not fit for him. Mahima asks who is fit for her then. Pradyuman says he will meet her and inform. She says she will talk to her fiance and inform him later.

Precap: Municipality officer gives a notice to Nayan to break her shop as she has encroached government land. Nayan asks who complained them against her. Officer says Samrat. Nitya asks Arjun how did he get such an expensive right. Samrat gives speech about respecting women. Nayan thinks she needs to teach a lesson to Samrat.

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