Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th February 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th February 2023 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th February 2023 Written Episode

Nayantara rescues Prem from a car accident and asks what is he doing here. She comforts him and says he is fine. Prem says she is an angel and saves him always. Nayan asks why was he running on road. Prem says he was protecting a puppy. Nayan says he shouldn’t have come out alone and told her mamma to save puppy. Prem says her mamma has gone inside. Nayan asks why. Prem says his papa stays there. Nayan takes him in. Sam asks Mansi what is she doing here. Mansi says she is his Mansi, he used to love him earlier, what happened now. Sam says he knows what she is up to. Mansi says she learnt about his second marriage and hence came to congratulate him. Sam says she came seeing his wealth as he is a rockstar now and no more a struggling artist like before.

Sam goes into flashback where he gifts a ring to Mansi. Mansi says its just a 4-5000 rs ring and he is still poor. Sam says he is struggling to get a break for her sake. Mansi shows him a diamond ring and says Raghav gave him that ring. She throws his ring and she and Raghav love each other, she is doing with him and is leaving him. Sam asks that Raghava. Mansi says Raghav is a rich event manager and loves her immensely. Sam asks what about their marriage. Mansi says Raghav can fulfill all her needs which Sam can’t even in his dreams. Sam pleads not to leave him and give him some time to become successful. Mansi says she gave him 1 year and can’t spend her life in poverty.

Out of flashback, Mansi says he became rich and famous now. Sam says its because of his hard work and talent, she should stop her drama and reveal why did she come here. Mansi says for their baby and reveals that she was pregnant with his baby when she left him, she didn’t want to return to his poverty-stricken life and hence stayed with Raghav. Sam reaches and refuses to believe her. Mansi says she doesn’t need his money and just came to prove that he is her baby’s father and brought DNA report. Sam is shocked to see the report. Nayan brings Prem inside house. Prem identifies Sam as his father and Mansi as his mother. She is also shocked.

Aaliya asks Revati what is Mansi doing here. Revati says Mansi is claiming that her baby belongs to Sam. Aaliya says what rubbish. Revati says let the baby go to hell, she made Sam what she wanted to. She thinks nobody knows how she separated Sam from his parents 20 years ago and made him completely different than his father Rudra. Sam tells Mansi let his report go to hell, he will not trust her as she left him 5 years ago. Mansi says she suffered a lot for her son; she left Sam for Raghav and when Raghav learnt that she is pregnant with Sam’s child, he refused to marry her and they stayed under same roof for 5 years without marriage because of Sam’s child, now she is pregnant with Raghav’s child and he is ready to marry her, hence she wants to return Sam’s son to him.

Sam refuses to accept her child and says he doesn’t care whatever she does. Mansi asks him to be a responsible father. Sam says he doesn’t care and he doesn’t have a place for her son in his life. Mansi says so does, her child is a burden on her. Prem hears their conversation, runs from there, and cries sitting in a corner. Nayan comforts him and cheers him up giving her ugly look’s example and says her parents will accept him once their anger is gone. She thinks she will convince Sam to accept his child.

Precap: Revati tells Seema that she will send Prem to orphanage. Nayan confronts her and says Sam is just like her. Revati tries to slap her, and she holds her hand. Sam gets intoxicated. Nayan asks if he loves Mansi.

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