Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th February 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th February 2023 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th February 2023 Written Episode

Malati meets Nayantara and informs her that Ishani had called her. Nayan says she advised Ishan and Mohit to shift too Madurai after marriage, even she will shift to Madurai after Samrat divorces her. Malati says they will get rid off Sam’s fear. Prem asks what about him. Nayan says she will take him wherever she goes. Malati asks who is this child and why he wants to accompany her. Nayan reveals that Prem is Sam and his ex-wife’s son, neither of them don’t want to take up his responsibility, hence she will take up his responsibility and adopt him. Malati asks if she knows what is she speaking, her marriage after divorcing Sam would be difficult and with a child, nobody will marry her. Nayan says she feels emotionally connected to Prem, people will continue to speak, she will be happy if she can give a better life for Prem, she already told that her goal is to give a good life to someone and not marriage, etc.

Sam drinks alcohol in his room thinking once he divorces Nayan and give Prem’s custody to him, he will lead a peaceful life. Servant informs him that some Raghav has come to meet him. Samrat walks down and notices Mansi with Raghav. He tells Raghav that they are meeting after 6 years, he used to roam around Raghav’s office but now is a successful rockstar. Raghav taunts him that it looks like he still loves Mansi and didn’t forget her. Sam says its his misconception, he has moved on long ago. Raghav gives his and Mansi’s wedding invitation to Sam and taunts him that he would be attending it if he doesn’t love Mansi anymore.

Sam says he loves Nayan who is already in his life and introduces Nayan. Raghav taunts him for choosing ugly Nayan. Nayan says it depends on individual person’s view, some value money and some inner personality. Raghav continues to enjoy mocking Samrat and invites him for a couple party. Sam agrees and says he doesn’t care about Mansi anymore. Raghav leaves with Mansi. Nayan thinks Sam is hurt and still loves Mansi from inside.

After some time, Prem plays in garden. Sam with his clients reaches there and asks him to go and play inside. Prem walks to his room crying. Nayan questions him and he describes what Sam did. Nayan walks to Sam and confronts him. Sam tells clients that his lovely wife wants to talk to him, they know how wives are, and excuses himself. Nayan argues with Sam that this house belongs to even Prem and its his growing years, Sam can’t hinder Prem’s growth. Their argument starts.

Precap: Revati orders her aide to send Ishani and Mohit out of the world permanently. Ishani and Mohit’s cab falls down from a cliff. Nayan informs Malati that she feels emotionally connected to Prem and is adopting him. She confronts Sam that her sister died because of him, so she will not spare him.

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