Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th March 2019 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Rohan to come for dinner and not react seeing Yug, yes Mani and Shagun will be here. Raman says you forgot what the doctor said. She says I do care for Aaliya, Rohan is her husband and loves her a lot, he has a right to know what’s in her reports. He says Rohan loses his temper. She says I told him not to react, he won’t lose temper if Yug doesn’t provoke him, we have to control Yug. Ishita asks Rohan to have icecream and then go. Raman says its okay if you want to leave Rohan. Ishita says Rohan isn’t a schoolboy to wake up early, why are you being adamant. Aaliya says let him decide. Raman goes. Ishita thinks to get Aaliya’s medicines, and add it in something, she shouldn’t know that she is given anti anxiety pills.

She looks for the

medicines everywhere. She thinks where did icecream go. She asks Mihika about the medicines. Mihika says I don’t know. Yug serves icecream. Rohan throws the icecream and says he added something in your icecream. Aaliya asks what. Yug says I didn’t add anything, Mani catches his collar and asks what did you add. Yug says I added medicines. Aaliya asks what happened to me, I m fine. Yug says of course, doctor asked to give you iron tablets, its bitter so I added it in icecream. She says that’s very sweet, you take care of me. She asks Rohan not to talk to Adi like this and apologize. Rohan says sorry and goes. Ishita says I want to tell you something, Aaliya isn’t fine. He asks what happened to her.
She comes to Raman. He asks did you get happy, I told you not to call Rohan. She says calm down, he didn’t know this, I told him now, he said he will help us, he is a sensible guy, what was the need for Yug to take medicines, why is he pretending such. He says he is helping us, you are after her. She says you used to trust me before, you don’t trust me, you trust Yug, why. He says he is helping us, what’s your problem. Ruhi comes and says Aaliya is saying Yug will sleep in her room. Raman asks Ishita to handle it now. Yug says I will sleep in guest room. Aaliya says you can sleep here. Raman and Ishita come. Ishita says the AC in our room isn’t working, we will sleep in hall. Aaliya says you can sleep in guest room.

Ishita says no, mattress isn’t good for me, I will get back pain. Yug says you can sleep with Aaliya. Raman says you can sleep in my room. Aaliya says its best. Yug goes. Ishita looks for sharp knife. Yug comes to call Ishita. They get shocked seeing Aaliya playing with the knife and pointing it to her wrist. Ishita says Aaliya, I m not getting my phone, did you see it. Phone rings. Aaliya turns. Ishita takes knife from her hand. Aaliya asks what are you doing here. Ishita says nothing, I thought my phone is here. Mihika comes to call Ishita. They go. Ruhi says Aaliya, can we discuss the project right now. Raman finds Ishita’s hand bleeding. Ishita scolds Yug. Raman says I called Yug so that Aaliya gets distracted, it was his brilliant idea. Yug says I will be with Aaliya.

Raman likes his idea. Aaliya asks what happened to Ishita. Ishita says I was chopping vegs and got hurt. Aaliya asks her to be careful. Rohan shouts on the manager. Karan says its your mistake, not manager’s, you have signed here. Rohan scolds him. Sudha comes and asks what’s going on. Karan says he is taking out the frustration on me and manager. They argue. Karan says Aaliya insulted you, you go and tell her the truth, you have no courage and just shout here. Rohan raises hand. Sudha reacts and cries, getting dizzy. They hold her. She asks Rohan to stop this, Karan is his younger brother, he didn’t say wrong. Rohan asks why did you drag Aaliya into this, she is going through a mental trauma, Ishita had called me. Sudha says you listen to others and not your mum. Karan says we will take you to hospital. She says I m fine, its just stress. Rohan says you have to take care. Ishita talks to doctor about Aaliya. He asks her to get Aaliya tomorrow, else Aaliya will doubt. She agrees. She calls Anjali and cancels her appointment. Raman comes and asks what happened. He says I m glad to see you still care for me. He says I always care for you. She says you wish for this, you want Yug to be here, you want Aaliya to accept Yug as her husband, and her real husband stays away, what should I do. He says don’t fight always. He gets Shweta’s call and says don’t cancel the meeting, I m coming to office, I m not getting peace here. He leaves

Aaliya says Shanti gave me this paper, she was crying, read this paper. She goes and talks to someone. Yug sees the blank paper and gets shocked. He asks Ishita to come fast.

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