Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2019 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing Raman. Ruhi says dad…. Ishita faints. Karan takes her out. Raman asks what happened to her. Bala says nothing, maybe she has some weakness. Doctor says don’t worry. Ishita was worried, she was waiting for her husband since a long time. Raman asks are you sure. Bala says yes, she was in stress since long. Doctor asks Raman to take rest. Raman says I have to go home. Doctor says just for some days, we have to be sure that you are fine. Mani says yes, they will discharge you soon.

Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla not to take tension, he will come back soon, aren’t you happy, what happened. Mrs. Bhalla says we are very happy. Mr. Bhalla says yes, we are happy. Raman says I want to talk to Ishita when she gets conscious. Doctor asks them

to go. Mrs. Bhalla says his face and voice changed, I felt strange, I m his mum, I know he isn’t Raman. Ruhi says doctor, what happened to my dad, his face changed. Doctor says I know you got a shock, Raman fell down the building, when he was brought here, his face was injured, we had to do face reconstruction surgery, faces changes post surgery, injuries were high, his vocal cord is damaged, so his voice looks changed, we had to do a surgery to stop the bleeding, we just wanted to save his life. Mr. Bhalla says you are right, we should be thankful that Raman got fine, one he comes home, everything will be fine, his heart and emotions will be same. Doctor says I know its tough for you to digest this, its better that he is out of danger, you will get habitual, just think of Raman, the trauma he would go through on seeing his face, he will shout and get angry, you have to support him, I will go and see Ishita, then you can meet her.
Bhuvan comes and wakes up Arijit. Bhuvan says I know your secret, you tried to kill Raman, you are drunk here. Arijit says I will punch and break your nose, I wanted to kill you, don’t revive that wish, run away, Ishita has seen your face, she won’t leave you. Bhuvan says you will be in trouble, Raman has seen your face. Arijit asks him to leave. Bhuvan says I want money. Arijit gives money and says I blackmail people, people don’t blackmail me. Bhuvan says Raman is the same hospital where I was admitted, I have seen his family members, maybe that’s why you didn’t come to kill me, you have become Bhallas’ business partner, Raman saved my life. Arijit catches his neck and says you are threatening me, I won’t leave you.

Bhuvan says calm down, your problem won’t solve if you kill me, Ishita thinks I kidnapped her, Raman knows you, I have seen Raman, he is alive, Ishita is hiding this from everyone. Ishita wakes up and says it was a bad dream, right. Mrs. Bhalla says I was also in shock, but doctor explained us, he is Raman. Ruhi says we should be happy that Raman is with us. Bhuvan says matter is complicated for both of us, I have come here so that we find a solution for this, its risky that Raman is alive, we have a chance to kill him, I have to go to hospital for follow up, if we kill him, you can get saved.

Aaliya says we have to support Raman. Ishita says we should be thankful that Raman is fine. Mrs. Bhalla says I feel he isn’t my Raman. Ishita says I will see him and understand. Karan says how can someone get a new face and new voice, don’t get me wrong, are you sure he is dad, the person who tried to change Raman, maybe he replaced Raman and want us to believe that this is Raman. Ishita says yes, his face and voice can change, his heart can’t change, I m his wife. Yug says doctor saved Raman. Ruhi says Karan, stop it now, I know its tough to accept Raman but he will recover soon. Karan says I can’t believe this, I doubt he is Raman or not.

Ishita goes to Raman. He calls her Madrasan and gets up. He says I felt as if I lost everything, even you, what happened to you. She says I couldn’t handle this happiness. He says I feel strange, my throat, my voice sounds different. She says doctor reconstructed your face, vocal cords are affected. Simmi gets soup for them. Raman asks Ishita to have it and take care. Ishita says I will not leave you. Simmi says get fine soon and come home. Raman says I want to go home and have homemade food. Simmi says fine, I will ask mum to make butter chicken. He says I really want to have it. Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla to understand Raman’s heart, he is their son. Simmi says I will make all your fav dishes. Ishita says he has to follow special diet and no non-veg. Raman says you will feed me veg food, right. Simmi thinks he is just like Raman. She says come back home, then we will handle everything. Ishita feeds soup to him and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….

Arijit comes to kill Raman. He takes a pillow. He gets shocked seeing Raman’s face.

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