Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2019 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aaliya saying I think its something serious, Rohan left. Raman says don’t worry, he will call you. Karan comes. Aaliya asks him to call Rohan, he left in a hurry. He gets a call and asks what, mom is in the hospital, I m coming. He says its mom’s manager’s call, she is serious, she is taken to hospital from the airport. He runs. Ruhi asks what happened. Raman says I don’t believe this, Sudha owns the hospital, she is acting, Rohan will run to his mom again, he will break Aaliya’s heart. Aaliya hears them. She says I m fine, don’t worry. He says sorry, but Rohan comes in Sudha’s words. Aaliya says Rohan won’t leave me, I won’t let Rohan fall weak, I will also not fall weak. Raman says entire family is with you.

Ishita says we should go to Rohan.

Aaliya says Sudha isn’t in Survodaya hospital. Yug sees Aaliya’s pic and cries. Vishal and Ranbir ask him to have tea. They play tv. Ranbir says Yug, its your fav song. Meri yaadon mein…. Yug thinks of Aaliya. Vishal asks is everything fine. Yug says yes, I m going out for a walk. They try to pacify him. Yug shouts leave me alone. Vishal says you can cry in front of us, you don’t need to hide your emotions. Yug says I m not crying for anyone, I will just come. Vishal and Ranbir hug him. They cry. Yug breaks down and says why, when I m not destined to be with her, why did she become a part of my life, why do I love her so much. He cries.
At hospital, doctor says Sudha suffered a severe heart attack. Rohan asks how come, she has no sugar and BP. Doctor says maybe its because of stress, next 24 hours are critical for her. He goes. Raman stops the doctor and asks are you sure that Sudha suffered a heart attack, maybe she convinced you to lie, she is a clever woman. Doctor scolds him. Raman says I m just asking you. Rohan asks what’s the problem. Doctor asks who is he, he is saying your mom is doing a drama and I m supporting her. Rohan says I know she did this before, this time she is critically ill, this isn’t her hospital. Ishita says Rohan take care of your mom, we will get coffee. Aaliya says we are there with you, everything will get fine. Karan thinks Raman thinks he is very smart, I will teach him a lesson, he will be shocked. He calls Yug and gets number off. Ishita says Sudha is critical, you are accusing the doctor, think well before you speak. Raman says you know Sudha.

She says you should go home. He says I won’t go. She says I will be with Raman. She says we can’t take a rash step, Mani is calling. She answers and asks really, she is in the hospital, Rohan and Karan are here. He asks what happened. She says Mani was in the same flight, he has seen Sudha when she suffered a heart attack, are you convinced now, go home, I m with Aaliya here. He says fine, don’t leave Aaliya alone. Yug thinks of Karan’s words. He goes out. He says God, what shall I do, I have fallen in love with someone for the first time. His inner self asks him to go and follow the path shown by Karan. Yug says no, I love her, I can’t cheat Aaliya. His inner self says maybe she doesn’t love Rohan. Yug says they must be liking each other, I want to see her happy. He looks around. He says I shouldn’t take any wrong step, I have to stop this, I should tell Ishita about Karan.

Ishita comes home. She says I will go and get the change, Aaliya stay here. Yug comes there and sees Aaliya. Ek ladki ko….plays…. She drops her papers. He goes to help her. She asks did you call me, where did you find this, thanks, these papers are very imp. She goes. Ishita comes and pays the taxi driver. She stops Yug and asks who are you. He removes the helmet and mask. He says its me, Yug. She asks what are you doing here. He says I came to meet you. She says I will give you to police, get out right now. He goes. She says I have to do something of him, Raman is so worried about Aaliya, I m not able to tell him. Raman asks where is Aaliya. She says maybe she is in her room. He says I messed it up yesterday. She says Aaliya knows you love her a lot and you are concerned, if you want to say sorry, then apologize to Rohan. He agrees.

Raman tells everyone that Sudha is really ill this time. Ishita asks them to pack tiffin. Aaliya comes and says I got someone’s call. They ask what happened. She says I got a call from Adi. They get shocked. Aaliya says someone called me and said he is Adi, he said he loves me a lot. Ishita recalls Yug. Raman asks was this the number. He calls back. He says phone is off, don’t worry, I will find out who is he. Ishita thinks Yug has done this, maybe he knows he looks like Adi, he can’t trouble Aaliya like this.

Ishita says we have to stop Yug. Shagun asks what do you want to do. Inspector scolds Yug. Yug gets beaten up in jail. He says I will teach them a lesson..

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