Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2019 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ruhi saying the way dad spoke to Ishita and Dadi, he is dad. Karan says Yug, you can understand this, I have made you Adi and sent you to Bhalla house. Yug says that was easy then, Raman had a surgery and Ishita was with him, this is impossible. Aaliya says we need time to adjust with his new face, even he will need time, we should support him. Ruhi says stop it Karan, I know you are much concerned, your doubt is baseless, Ishita is a doctor, I know their relation, she can feel his presence, when we all thought that we lost dad in plane crash, just she had the belief that he is alive. Aaliya says yes, clear all the doubts here, we should be careful to handle the situation when he sees his face.

Arijit takes an old man’s disguise. He says we didn’t come here

for you but Raman, come. Bhuvan sees Ishita and says Ishita will catch us. Arijit says idiot, we are disguised, how will we know us, go and get your dressing done, I will find Raman. He hears the nurse talking to Ishita. Mihika goes to collect reports. Arijit says Raman is in this room, I have to strike at right time. Mani says nurse has given him sedative so that he sleeps in peace, I have an imp meeting with investors, I have to go, is it okay. She says how will Raman react on seeing his face. He says you are such a brave woman, you have fought major situations, Raman survived, its a miracle, I agree, it will take us time to adjust, with our love and encouragement, he will accept this change, you have to wipe this tension from your face, I will cancel the meeting, I will be with you. She says no, please go, you have done so much for me, you should concentrate on your work. He says fine, call me if you need anything. He goes. Arijit says so Mani is here, Raman doesn’t know who I m. These two will catch me, I have to do something about Raman. Nurse asks Ishita to get medicines. Arijit comes as a ward boy. He asks the nurse to go, doctor is calling her. She goes. He takes a pillow to kill Raman.
He gets shocked seeing Raman’s face. Raman asks for water. Nurse comes back and asks are you a new joiner, go. Doctor comes and says Ishita is worried, she isn’t going without you. Arijit says so this is Raman, he is alive but his face changed, how can this happen, he can’t be Raman. He asks the nurse about Raman. She says he had face grafting and reconstruction surgery, his face had to change. She asks Ishita and others to come and meet Raman. Arijit says I have to confirm if its Raman, I had thrown him form great height, how did he get saved, I had tortured him a lot, they are oversmart and would find me, I must get rid of Raman at any cost. Ishita thanks doctor. He says its our duty, you can take him home. Raman says I have to complete the health rink project, I want to get back to work.

Ishita says you would be talking about water project, health drink project was completed. Raman says no, it wasn’t completed, why am I not able to recall anything, I hope you all are not joking with me, when did we start this new water project. Ruhi says you went to Mumbai for mineral water project. Aaliya says you left before Yug and my marriage. He says I don’t remember. Arijit looks on. Ishita and doctor ask Raman to relax, he will recall everything. He injects Raman. She goes out and asks doctor will everything be okay. Doctor says he is facing temporary or partial amnesia, positive thing is he is remembering you all, it maybe because of medical effect, it will end soon, make sure he doesn’t see himself in the mirror, he won’t be able to take it, let him recover, maybe he adapt to this later.

Arijit calls Bhuvan and asks him to meet outside. He says bad news is Raman is alive, his face was damaged, he got a new face by plastic surgery, good news if he forgot many things. Ishita asks how can we hide his face from him. Ruhi says we will hide all mirrors. Yug says we will tell him about renovation. Bhuvan says Raman is suffering a memory loss. Arijit says Raman and Ishita’s family will suffer a lot, doctor said Raman shouldn’t know that he forgot things and his face changed, I would love to see Ishita suffer, if we kill Raman, the game will get over, lets go. Ruhi asks Ishita to come home. Karan says we can show dad’s reports to other doctor. Ishita asks do you think he isn’t Raman, you know how risky is it.

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