Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2019 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Yug saying I will sleep in the hall, Aaliya isn’t habitual to me, we almost got separated before, I will sleep here. Everyone looks on. Shagun says Mani is waiting for me, I m going. Ishita goes to her. Shagun says we have to be smarter to expose this guy, we will have to tell family first that this guy is an imposter, he isn’t Adi, I will leave now. Ishita and Raman lie down to sleep. Raman hugs Adi’s pic and cries. Ishita thinks of Yug and Aaliya. Aaliya smiles thinking of Adi and her old moments. Yug thinks of her and hugs the pillow. Its morning, Ishita asks what are you doing. Mrs. Bhalla says we were just talking about Adi. Ishita says you really think that guy is Adi, don’t you think I asked for Adi to Lord many times, I know his truth, I know where he

belongs, I m not able to prove it, you tell me, is this not enough if I say that he is Yug. Mrs. Bhalla says I get emotional seeing him, he isn’t Adi but I don’t know how to convince myself. Mr. Bhalla says I feel that whether he is not Adi, we should accept him as Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe its miracle of Mata Rani. Ishita explains them. She asks them to forget that he looks for Adi, he is a stranger, he is with Aaliya, just think, he can touch her, is it right that he stays with Aaliya.
Mrs. Bhalla says don’t get angry, I asked Ruhi to bring sweets, Adi used to like it. Raman comes. Ishita says Adi liked it, its not necessary that Yug likes it too. Yug greets them. They see Yug. Ruhi says you preserved Adi’s clothes. Aaliya says yes, I didn’t discard his fav clothes. Yug asks how am I looking. Raman says like always. He cries. Ishita asks are you ready for competition of eating Gulab jamum. Adi and his dad used to have it. Yug asks Raman to come. Ishita says lets see who wins. She thinks they will know he is not Adi. Yug eats the Gulab jamun. Raman sees him and recalls Adi. Aaliya says you won Adi, as usual. Yug goes. Ishita asks Raman what happened. He says his every gesture, his smile, talk, walk is just like Adi, for me he is my Adi. Ishita says father and son’s relation, why didn’t I think of this before. Mani comes to meet Aaliya. She says Adi won the Gulab jamun competition today, like old times, always a winner. Ishita asks Yug to take the baby. She says he is your son, he is Adi’s son, Mihika left, he was crying, I thought to give him to you. She says if Yug reacts, we can see it on his face, it will get evident. Yug takes care of baby. Aaliya and everyone smile.

Ishita says Yug is leaving no stone unturned in proving that he is Adi, he is dangerous for all of us. Mani says yes, how did he calm baby. She says Yug had made baby suck the sugary finger, he hadn’t washed his hands after eating Gulab Jamun, so the baby stopped crying. Ruhi looks on. She goes to call Ranbir. He answers the call. She says I need a favor, you need to pretend to hurt someone. He asks who, why are you asking me. She says just tell me if you can’t do this. He says don’t fire me, I will do anything. She says you don’t have to be scared, you are just acting. He says okay, who do you want me to harm. She says a baby, we will take baby for checkup, act that you want to harm baby. He asks why. She says just do what’s told to you. He prays. Ruhi says Yug will not save the baby, baby isn’t his son, it will be proved that Yug isn’t Adi, I will help Ishimaa in exposing him. Karan looks on and thinks Ruhi is making plans, I will do something that its proved that he is Adi, not Yug.

Aaliya says baby is playing with you Adi. They laugh. Karan looks on. Rohan comes there and shouts on call. Karan says what a timing, he will see what’s happening. Rohan sees Aaliya with Yug. Karan takes Rohan and asks why are you torturing yourself, I know how much this will hurt you, I didn’t want you to see all this. Rohan goes in. Aaliya takes baby. Rohan asks why aren’t you answering my call. Aaliya apologizes. Yug asks why are you saying sorry, Rohan can’t you see we are busy. Rohan asks who are you to say this, I m Aaliya’s husband, I will come to meet her. Yug says I m alive, your wedding is not valid, Aaliya said she doesn’t want to stay with you now, that’s the exit, you may leave.

Karan says you have to save baby and the person from the attack. Yug and Raman beat the goons.

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