Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th August 2019 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Yug saying I know you hate Bhalla family, why do you hate Karan, he loves Ruhi, he will hate you if you separate them. Sudha asks why would I separate them, maybe you are calling a fraudster as Raman. Yug says he is my dad. She says the truth is that Ishita has an affair with that man. Everyone gets shocked. Sudha says she is fooling this entire family. Yug says enough now. Ruhi says enough, its fine if you don’t accept Karan and my relation, you won’t insult my mum, I don’t want to hear a word against my family.

Karan says yes, its your wish, now I m part of this family, you may leave if you want, I will stay with them. Raman asks how am I supposed to make them believe that I m Raman. Ishita says I won’t lose and won’t let you lose. Reporters come there.

Mani asks why are you all here. Reporter says we heard minister is present here, Raman is fooling everyone. Mr. Bhalla asks Yug to go, he will handle them. Arijit asks who called them. Karan says don’t know. Minister says whatever happened wasn’t good, Sudha isn’t wrong, if that man isn’t Raman, then what will the society say, that Ishita is living with a stranger. Karan asks how does it matter, Ishita said he is Raman. Sudha says you are blind, you will choose Ruhi and Bhallas, you will have to end ties with your mom. Minister says I won’t work with anyone whom I don’t trust.
Aaliya says minister is talking of cancelling the project, he is leaving. Mani asks minister not to listen to Sudha. Malhotra says Sudha doesn’t trust Raman, what if he runs with money and cheats us. Mani says there is no fraud. Minister says sorry, I can’t give him the project. Raman stops him. He says you may leave if you want, if this project is incomplete, then your dream will be unfulfilled, you wanted to start this project in your village, you told me that you wanted to employee your villagers, don’t end this project, any loss will be mine, if its successful, then its also mine. Minister says I was told that you don’t remember anything. Raman says sometimes light shines in darkness, I m fed up fighting, trust me if you can.

He says Sudha ji, I hate this face, I m Raman Bhalla within, the one who always kept promised, when Rohan died, I promised you that I will get Sahil punished, I kept that promise too. Sudha recalls Raman’s words. Raman says you wanted to take Karan to London, he wanted to stay here and get the culprit punished, I told you I will be with Karan, your hatred will be proved costly. Ishita says who can think for Karan and Ruhi like this, except Raman. Sudha says there was just one person more stubborn than me, Raman Bhalla, yes he is Raman. Everyone smiles. She says he is Raman and you can’t find anyone more capable than him for your project. Minister says sorry, I give this project to Raman, congrats. Everyone claps. Arijit thinks Raman got saved, I will see him.

Sudha hugs and kisses Karan. He says I m not a small kid now. She says I m a mum, you won’t understand, you are still a kid for me, you used to make excuses to avoid school. Mrs. Bhalla says Romi didn’t wish to go to school. Ishita asks how did you remember that. Ruhi says it was a miracle. Mani says its good Sudha and minister agreed to us. Raman says don’t know, I got to remember that. Ishita says that’s a good sign. Sudha says sorry, I really lost control, you could have lost project because of me. Raman says its fine, I m thankful, its because of you I regained those things and convinced minister and media, you gave me my identity back, I feel relieved, I was so shaken up that I got those memories.

Arijit sees the news about Raman. Bhuvan gets shocked seeing news. He says our plan failed, he got saved, why didn’t you do anything. Arijit says I won’t leave you Raman. He beats Bhuvan. Bhuvan says don’t kill me, just I can help you, calm down. Karan asks do I need to go home. Sudha says yes, I have come back. Simmi says Karan got so involved with family. Mihika says yes, Ruhi and we all will miss you. Ishita says we should think of their marriage. She asks Sudha to say. Sudha gets silent. Karan asks do you have any problem, Ruhi said we will take your permission when you come back, we will run away and marry if you don’t permit, I just can’t stay without her. Ruhi asks what are you saying, how can you say that, we are not going to elope, we will marry with your mom’s blessings, she has gone through a lot already, I don’t want to hurt her.

He says I also don’t want to hurt her. She says it would be wrong to hurt your mom and marry you, I want everyone to be happy, trust me, we will be blessed with happiness, it might take some time, lets not give up, it might take time to win Sudha’s heart. Sudha says learn from her, why would you win and where, I m ready for this marriage. Everyone smiles. Sudha says I was testing you both. Karan hugs and says I love you mom. Sudha says love you too, Ruhi is sensible, Ruhi think again if you want to marrt him, he is impulsive and becomes sceptic. Ruhi says we know that already. They smile. Ruhi says Karan truly loves me a lot, we know each other’s positive and negative qualities, he can do anything for me, even I can do anything for him. Sudha says I m lucky to get you as my bahu, we should fix marriage date soon. Mihika says I will get sweets. Mrs. Bhalla says I will call pandit to get marriage date.

Arijit comes to meet Neeti. He says where did she go. Mrs. Bhalla asks pandit for roka mahurat. Pandit says tomorrow is an auspicious day for roka.

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