Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2015 Written Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2015 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts Bhalla family talking to Prateek. Prateek says Ishita would have shot someone today if I did not come. Abhishek asks what. Raman says yes, she lost control, she got the gun. Raman asks how did Ishita get the gun. Abhishek asks how can this happen, did they have gun in their house. Mr. Bhalla says no, that’s why we are thinking. Abhishek says its not possible, someone has got the gun, can I see the gun. Romi says come, I will show. He says gun fell here, where did it go. Abhishek asks are you sure, Ishita got gun here. Romi says she came running here and aimed gun at us. They look for the gun. Mihika says nothing such like ghosts and spirits, Ishita is fine, she is stressed as we are sending her to mental hospital. Amma is worried. Abhishek says there is no gun in this home. Raman says we all have seen it.

Prateek says Ishita has spirit, but she can’t make things disappear. Abhishek says strange, tell me where is the gun. Raman says we all came out of the room together, I m sorry, we can talk about this later. Raman thanks Prateek for help, but he does not believe in spirit. Prateek says fine, if you need my help, I stay upstairs. Amma wants to stop Prateek. Raman says thanks, you can leave Prateek. Prateek leaves. Raman says Ishita is just depressed, I will make her fine, there is no spirit.

Amma stops Prateek and apologizes on Raman’s behalf. She says I know Shagun’s spirit has captured Ishita, she is not leaving Ishita, our pandit can heal her, please you also help, I m Ishu’s mum. Prateek says till her husband agrees, I can’t do anything. She says I m her mum and asking for your help. He says I want to help Ishita, but I want the family’s support. She says fine. He says I don’t want to scare you, but Ishita is in big problem, she has life risk from that spirit, if we don’t do anything, something very bad can happen. Amma worries.

Raman comes to room and sees Ishita sleeping. He says how can this happen, how did Shagun’s death shock her so much, Shagun’s spirit in Ishita, this can’t happen, you are fine. He recalls Ishita’s words and her mannerisms like Shagun. He recalls all the incidents that happened and cries. The doctor calls him and asks why is he not getting Ishita admitted in her clinic, why did he send staff back. Raman says her state was back. She says Ishita will not come by her wish, get her without her wish. He says I won’t bring her without her wish. She says fine, if you want to keep a mental person at home. Raman comes out of room and says what did you say, my wife is not mad and throws the phone on the floor. He comes back to Ishita and sits beside Ishita. He says before I fall weak, get fine, I won’t let anything happen to you till I m alive, just get well soon.

Ruhi comes and sits in Raman’s lap. She asks him not to cry, Ishita will be fine, she will not trouble anyone, Ishita always supports them, even I will support you and not trouble you. Raman hugs her and cries. Ruhi says when Ishi Maa knows I did not trouble you, she will be happy. He says Ishi Maa will be proud of you, we will make her fine. Ruhi asks him to wipe tears. Raman makes Ruhi rest and looks at Ishita with hope for her recovery.

The inspector says he has checked all records, Bhalla family members do not have any registered gun. Abhishek thinks how did they get unregistered gun, and how did it disappear, whats happening. Mrs. Bhalla wakes up as someone knocks her room’s door. She says who will come at this time, and wakes up Mr. Bhalla. He says who will come at this time, sleep. She asks him to check. He says sleep, you maybe thinking. She says maybe I m thinking, my mind was occupied with nonsense all day. She hears someone knocking again and asks who is it. Ishita says mummy ji, open the door. Mrs. Bhalla says its Shagun’s voice, did her spirit come in Ishita. Ishita says its me, Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita, I m coming and gets up from the bed.

She opens the door and sees Ishita. Ishita asks why is she sweating, is AC not working. Mrs. Bhalla says no. Ishita says she woke up everyone, its Karwachauth, you have to give me sargi. Mrs. Bhalla says sorry, I forgot, I will make sargi. Ishita goes. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Mata Rani as Ishita is getting fine. She cooks food for Ishita happily as Ishita is getting fine. Mrs. Bhalla keeps food ready and calls Amma. She says everything is fine, I have to give news, come out, I have to tell something.

Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla did Ishita wake her up and say about Karwachauth. Mrs. Bhalla says yes. Amma thanks Lord and says she will also keep fast for Ishu. Mrs. bhalla says its tough. Amma says she can do anything for Ishita..

Raman wakes up and sees Ishita getting ready. He asks whats special today. She asks does he not know. He says no, so I m asking. He hugs her.

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    Does Shagun’s death mean that Anita dii has left yhm

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      yes unless CVs show that she is alive

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