Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 30th June 2016 Written Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 30th June 2016 Written Update by H Hasan

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 30th June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shilpa crying and says what is happening in my house. She says how can they blame my son, don’t they know him. Manvi says truth will be out soon, and asks him to go inside and rest. Harsh says I didn’t do anything, I started loving her. Manvi says everyone will believe you and I will bring out the truth. Harsh says but Protima can’t return. He says nobody can understand my pain. Upmanyu asks Manvi to go to her house and don’t fight with Rahul. Shilpa also insists. Manvi goes. Harsh hugs Upmanyu and cries. Rahul thinks about seeing Harsh trying to molest Protima. A fb is shown. Yamini thinks your troubles will end soon. She asks Rahul to give headache tablets as Sonali is having headache. Rahul says mom must be going through a lot. Yamini asks him not to blame
Manvi and asks him to forgive Harsh. Rahul asks her not to tell this again and says just now Protima’s body is taken away from here. Yamini says whatever happened is wrong. I hold myself responsible and I thought Protima is sleeping and leave from there. Rahul asks her not to blame herself and says he will get Harsh punished. Yamini says you are really great for supporting truth.

Manvi hears her and asks her to go. She closes the door and comes inside the room. She asks him not to gossip with servants and talk to her directly. Rahul says we have the habit to gossip when such thing happens and taunts her. Manvi says I have done so much for you. When you thought that you have killed many people by becoming tiger, I made you belief that you have done nothing. Rahul gets pain and shaken up. His hands starts turning like tiger. She sees the moon and says today is Punarmasi. She helps Rahul get up and says we have to leave from here soon. Yamini thinks I wanted you to forget about full moon and that’s why did this. She says Rahul will take tiger avatar soon and then everything will be ruined.

While they leave the house, Yamini follows them. Manvi takes Rahul to a shed or something. She asks what is happening to you. Rahul shaken up and is about to become tiger. Manvi gets scared. Rahul becomes tiger. Temple bells rings. Manvi looks at the tiger and thinks I should leave it here. She thinks Rahul is in pain and locks the door. She tells God that she can’t see Rahul in pain, but can’t do anything. She asks God to show the way and goes. Yamini comes there and says I will show you the way. You are thinking that you will save him, unaware that whenever tiger wants to kill someone, it makes the way. She says if Rahul can’t attack anyone today, then I will attack on his behalf so that accusation come on him.

Shilpa thinks about Protima accusing Harsh. A fb is shown, Rahul telling that Harsh was trying to molest Protima when he entered room. Shilpa thinks I should take care of everyone. Upmanyu wakes up and wears his specs. He gives water to her. Shilpa drinks it. Upmanyu asks if she is hiding her pain and tears from him. Shilpa says no, from myself. I don’t want to fall weak, but..She apologizes and cries. Upmanyu asks her not to blame herself and says you have handled it well. He says when a person cries, then all the weakness comes out with tears and he gets stronger. Shilpa says I am feeling as if we will be affected big. She says I am afraid about Manvi and Rahul’s relation. Upmanyu says nothing will happen. Shilpa says do you think that destiny will support us always. Upmanyu says I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but trust is a big thing and it will make everything fine. Shilpa asks what we will do? People are gossiping and if they ignore us, then Harsh will feel bad. Upmanyu says you are saying right and says we shall go somewhere else for few days. He says once Police gives clean chit to Harsh, then we will go to Kolkata to my family home.

Shilpa says Harsh can’t do this and says he is innocent. Upmanyu says yes and says once he is proved innocent, then people will stop gossip. Shilpa hugs him and cries. Harsh sees his mum crying and cries. He comes to his room and thinks how did this happen. He says I stared loving her and thought to spend my life with her, but now she is dead. He says I can’t cry as her death accusation is on me. He wonder what is happening and recalls their meeting, engagement etc. A fb is shown. He looks at his ring which Protima put in his finger. He looks at his sherwani and thinks I wish I could tell you that I love you, and can’t hurt you. I wanted to keep you happy and thinks why this is happening? Yamini comes there in his face and says I will tell you. Harsh is shocked to see his lookalike. He asks who are you? Yamini looks at the door and closes it. She says you didn’t recognize me, even Protima couldn’t recognize me when I tried to molest her. He laughs and appears in her real form. Harsh is shocked to see Yamini laughing.

Yamini tells Harsh that this is the punishment for speaking against her Yugand. Upmanyu knocks on the door. Harsh couldn’t speak. Yamini looks on.

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