Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2021 Episode Watch Online


  1. fan
    February 12, 21:11 Reply

    To begin, Kartiks father and his grandmother should not interfere in his life. He is now older and has his own children, therefore, he is capable of making his own decisions. “My son, my son, my Kitu” is becoming really annoying now. On the other hand, from the beginning Surekha, Kartik’s Chachi, was the complete opposite of Naira. Her and Rhea, her niece, will make Kartik’s children’s life hell. Why has Kartik come back home? He should have helped Sirat with boxing since she was disqualified because of his son, kairav. Even if Kairav is still a child, its a good excuse for Kartik to help Sirat and stay away from his family for a period of time. By the way, Kairavs acting is really phenomenal. Kartik should marry Sirat instead of Rhea, because Rhea doesn’t want to take care of Kartiks children. She only wants Kartik. Kairav and Ashu would be much more happier with Sirat. Rhea would treat the kids with disrespect and hatred if Kartik was with her. Surekha cachi is a bully from the start and has made her niece the same way.

    • Maria
      January 26, 03:51

      This is just a serial not real life
      And if this is real life so why you are interfering in their life

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