Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th April 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th April 2021 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th April 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sirat recalling her past. She says he used to take much care of me, he was always smiling, he used to make me smile, I was so happy with him, we have become special for each other. Sheela says they had become friends first and then lovers, it was difficult to separate them. Rhea is shocked. Sirat says he had stopped me from a suicide attempt. She recalls the boy asking her to hit back if anyone troubles her. She says he has taught me a lot, life isn’t to cry and waste, its for doing something, he told me that boxing has every cure for my sorrow, he has shown me these dreams, he had taken my first punch. Sheela says he had asked Sirat to pursue boxing. Rhea asks was he a rich guy. Sheela says very rich. Rhea says so she likes to trap rich guys. Sirat says he used to encourage me. She recalls him.

Rabba ve….plays… Sheela says he was madly in love with Sirat. Sirat says everyone used to say that I got lucky, Nani was also happy. Kartik says Naira and I were also happy, what happened then. Sirat says we were going to marry. He asks didn’t his family not agree. Rhea asks didn’t they marry. Sheela says they had eloped and got married. Sirat says he had knocked me out. Kartik asks where is he now. Sirat says I didn’t find him, he didn’t inform me. He says stop crying, we won’t talk about him, there is no meaning of this past. Rhea asks what, I can’t believe this, ask Mukesh where to find that guy. Sheela says don’t know, Sirat never took his name. Rhea asks the name. Sirat says the name is erased from my heart now. Sheela says Ranvir.

Ranvir is seen somewhere. He brings the bride Namrata. They run. She says I can’t run now. He says I won’t let this happen, come fast. He asks the bride to wear the seat belt, he will fly the jeep. The goons follow. Sirat says you are lucky that someone is leaving family for your sake, I wish your love isn’t incomplete. Ranvir says I m helping you elope so that love isn’t incomplete. Kartik asks Himanshu to tell everything to both the families soon. Himanshu says sure, I need another help, can I borrow your phone. Kartik says why not, are you calling Namrata. Sirat asks why didn’t she come. Himanshu says I will call and ask. He gets her number off. Namrata thanks Ranvir. He gets a gajra for her and asks her to get ready, temple is just 2 mins away. Sirat asks why didn’t she come, was she ready for marriage. Himanshu says we love each other. She says its not necessary that lovers get married. He says I trust Namrata, she will come. Sirat says I wish your trust stays intact, call her or any relative, tell me where she stays, I will get her. Kartik says look behind, his bride has come. Namrata comes running. Himanshu hugs her. She says sorry to get late.

Kartik and Sirat introduce themselves. Himanshu says they gave me lift till here. Namrata thanks them. Sirat says someone’s wait got complete. Kartik and Sirat bless them. They leave. Namrata says Ranvir helped me, he saw me in bridal dress and understood the situation. Himanshu asks where is he. She says he left. Ranvir gets sad and thinks I had made Sirat wait for me, I can’t get rid of this sorrow. Sirat thinks I miss you even if I try to forget you. He is at the same temple. He goes to his car. Paas aaye….plays… They see the same keychains. They recall their moment. He sees her pic and cries. Kartik says you have a past, but learn to live with it, we will also live, this way can take us ahead, we can do this for the sake of family. She nods. He drives. She doesn’t see Ranvir going.

Kartik and Sirat come home. He asks her to start smiling, then she will find a reason to be happy. She slips on the stairs. He smiles. He asks her to come. She falls back. He starts laughing. She says you are getting a laugh on my fall. He says sorry, come. She pulls him down and laughs. Ranvir sees some girls playing sports, and gifts them shoes. Kartik says everyone would be hurt, they also live and stay happy, just because they never left hope, or decided to always stay happy, its better you also decide. Sirat smiles.

Ranvir sings Bekhayali… He cries. Kartik cares for Sirat. Ranvir shouts I love you Sirat.

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    April 12, 22:06 Reply

    I read on youtube that your mom wants you to go to bollywood but don’t be mad. There are people who are not good and they will spoil your life. It is not safe in bollywood. Only listen to Kartik always. In this serial, you are the best actor Naira.

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