Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2021 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Suwarna not to feel bad of Prabha’s words, she is upset. Suwarna says she is an outsider, I m glad whatever you said in my favor. Dadi says why not, we can’t forget what you did for Kartik and Kirti, you are their best mum. Sirat comes with Kairav. He teaches her English. Gayu asks what’s the need. Sirat says I have to go for international match, I should know if anything. Kartik comes and asks how are you now, what happened. Suwarna asks what happened to her. Sirat says nothing. She feels like puking. She says its smelling so bad. Suwarna says its soup, its made every day here. Manish asks will you talk like this about food. Sirat says sorry, I thought it turned bad, maybe doctor gave medicine, so I m feeling so, I m fine. She feeds Akshu, and talks to Kairav. Suwarna comes and says Dadi kept Kirti’s childhood clothes, I will get it dry cleaned and give it for Akshu. Sirat says I have no problem with it, its good if Akshu wears her Bua’s clothes. Kairav jokes. Suwarna says I will get it. Sirat says you can tell me, I will get it. Suwarna says its in the storeroom.

Sirat goes to the storeroom. She sees a bag. Kartik comes and hugs her. She asks what are you doing, anyone will come. Its all about love….plays… He says we both were busy, I came here following you. She says anyone can see. He says no one comes here, really, its fun to have romance secretly. She says go, I have work. He says work will go on all life, this chance of romance will go. She pushes him. He stops her. Baatooni ankhiyaan….plays….

He holds her close. Flowers fall on them. He gets away. She stops him. He gets a call. He says entire world is our enemy. He checks the call and says its dad. He answers. Manish asks where are you, meeting is going to start. Kartik says I m coming. He leaves. Sirat smiles. She gets Shubham’s pic and calls out Kartik. She asks is he your relative. Kartik says my brother, Suwarna and Manish’s son, my stepbrother for the world. She asks where does he stay. He says he passed away. She says sorry, I didn’t know. He says mum didn’t tell anyone about him, not even to dad, when we got to know, we understood Suwarna’s sacrifice, she left her son after his birth to not let Kirti and me feel insecure, my mum proved that stepmum isn’t bad. She asks how did he die. He says family accepted him, but he was disturbed that Suwarna left him, he died by drug overdose, Suwarna misses him every day, she doesn’t show it on her face, she always smiles and hides sorrow. He cries. He says its impossible to become a mum like her, don’t think much, go and take rest. He goes.

Sirat hears Suwarna scolding Surekha. Surekha says I just said the truth, what shall I do if someone feels bad. Suwarna says I know how a mum feels bad when she is called a stepmum. Surekha says don’t compare yourself with Sirat, not everyone can be like you, you know Sirat’s upbringing, she has her mum’s blood, I feel scared thinking what will happen if she gets her own child, Kairav will understand but Akshu will feel stepmum’s behavior. Sirat says it won’t understand, don’t worry for the kids, I didn’t have my mum, I know importance of a mum, Maudi raised me, I promise to myself and you all, I will look after them well. Surekha says we will see when you get your own child. Suwarna asks her not to feel bad, always stay strong. Sirat hugs her. Suwarna asks what happened. Sirat gives Shubham’s pic. Suwarna cries. Sirat says Surekha said right about you, you are the best, I want to become like you. Suwarna says no need, you are really good, when a person is good, he is good in every relation. Sirat gets a call. She goes and answers the call. Doctor asks her to come and meet. Sirat meets the doctor. She asks do I have any serious illness, I can’t leave boxing. Doctor says you have to take a break from boxing.

Sirat asks why, what happened to me, how much time do I have. Doctor says seven months. Sirat asks that’s all. Doctor says yes, you can resume boxing or stop for few years because of the child if you want, you are pregnant. Sirat asks what. Doctor says yes, you will be getting this trophy home. Sirat asks are you sure, are the reports right. Doctor says yes, go home and give the good news to the family. Sirat thinks I understood Ganesh ji’s Maya now, that’s why I had seen the baby. She thanks the doctor. Doctor asks her not to run. Sirat says Maudi would be so happy today, Kartik will be happy. She calls Kartik. He asks where are you, Suwarna told me what Surekha told you, don’t feel bad, she doesn’t mean it. Sirat recalls.

Kartik gets Sirat’s reports. He comes home. She asks why are you angry. He says when you trust someone and that person hides things, don’t we get angry, you have hidden a big thing from me.

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