Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2021 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kartik saying I can’t leave Sirat alone. Manish asks why did she ask us to leave, when Kartik asked her to come with us. Dadi stops Suwarna. Sirat takes care of Saroj and Nidhi. Kartik takes care of Maudi. Kyun na bole….plays…. Kartik calls Sirat and disconnects. He messages and asks is everything fine. Sirat replies yes. Saroj looks on and goes. Sirat takes the tea for Chauhan. She cleans Ranvir and her pics. Chauhan says she does a good drama, don’t believe her fake tears, I m going to bring her truth out soon. Sirat cries and asks why did you leave me forever, I can’t even spend 2 days without you. She sees the keychain and recalls Ranvir.

Its morning, Kartik asks how shall I ask Sirat to come. Raj asks Kartik to ask Sirat to come for Ranvir’s sake, its the last match for the tournament, she should take part. Kartik messages Sirat, sorry to disturb, Raj wants you to come for the match, can we talk. An alarm rings. She says who has set this alarm. She gets Ranvir’s audio message. She cries. He asks her to attend the tournament, he won’t come in front but he will watch the match, don’t cheat me, else I will get after you like a ghost, you can’t even punch a ghost. She says I can’t refuse to you, I will pay and win also. She replies to Kartik, we will meet and talk, I have to give you some papers. She says there are two sides of a coin, but there is just one coin. Someone looks on. Doctor asks what are you saying, I can’t change the medical reports. Chauhan tries to bribe him. Doctor says I can lose my medical license. Lawyer asks him to make lead poisoning to just poisoning in reports. Chauhan says your name won’t spoil, its my promise to you.

Sirat meets Kartik and gives the papers. Kartik says Ranvir gave his share to you. She asks him to handle it, sorry for that day. He says we are friends, I m always with you, what did you think of the match, Raj wanted… Sirat says I will play for Ranvir’s sake. He asks about Ranvir’s parents. She says how is Maudi and Kairav. He says they are fine. She says thanks for taking care of Maudi, I have to go now. He asks will you have something. She says no, its time for Saroj’s medicines. She stumbles and stops him from holding. She says I know you are always there to take care of me, but I can take care of myself. He says I will be assured knowing you are really fighting. She says I have to win the family by love. She leaves. She stumbles again. She says a person finds support outside and strength inside, one needs strength to win a fight. Kartik looks on.

Suwarna speaks to someone about the alliance. Manish asks where is Kartik, this Sirat will ruin us one day. Suwrna gets the call again. The lady scolds her for lying. Suwarna asks what happened, tell me. The lady asks her to check news. The reporter tells about Kartik and Sirat’s affair, they together killed Ranvir. Manish and Suwarna get shocked. Sirat comes home. Saroj asks her to leave the house. She says you went to meet Kartik, you killed Ranvir. Sirat says you know what was Ranvir for me. She throws out Sirat from the house. Sirat sits crying. Chauhan looks on. Saroj and Nidhi cry.

He says this is just the beginning of yours and your lover’s destruction, I will not spare you, its not my mistake, did any dad get his son killed, I had tried to kill Sirat, Ranvir was shot because of Sirat. Nidhi consoles Saroj. Sirat recalls Ranvir. She says they made me out of the house, I had your memories here. She moves back and stumbles. Kartik stops the car and says Sirat, shall I call her and ask if she reached. He recalls her words. Chauhan sees Sirat leaving. She looks at him. He shuts the door. Kartik asks why am I so worried, is Sirat in any problem, I will call her. Raj calls him and scolds him. He says Sirat and you broke my trust, why are you acting innocent, the world knows about you. Kartik says I don’t know anything. Raj asks him to check the local channel. Kartik sees the news. He sees Sirat accused for killing her husband. Sirat thinks of Ranvir and leaves the house. The reporter says Sirat trapped Kartik and used him as well. Kartik is shocked.

Sirat and Nani are leaving from Goenka house. Police comes to Goenka house. Inspector says Sirat is under arrest for killing her husband Ranvir, Chauhan has filed a FIR against her. Everyone gets shocked.

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