Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th May 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th May 2021 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th May 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranvir saying I will not leave Chauhan if he did this. Kartik says don’t panic, Gayu take the kids inside, we will first check the cctv footage. They see the cctv footage. They see Sirat going out on a cycle. Kartik says she went on her own. Ranvir asks why didn’t she say us. Manish says we are worried and she went out in danger. Kartik says yes, we should find her soon. A man takes a big sack of junk. Kartik sees this and stops him. He asks what’s in this sack. The man says it has nothing, I tied it by much difficulty, I m the hotel staff, I lost my badge. They check the sack.

They see some plastic containers. The man says I told you its junk. Kartik says sorry, I will fill that back. The man says no, I will manage. Ranvir says sorry. They leave and think where did Sirat go. Ranvir says its enough now Kartik. He calls Chauhan. Chauhan laughs and answers the call.he asks him to say. Ranvir says you did th same thing like before, you have to answer, where is my Sirat, I know you did this, return me my Sirat, you don’t know what I will do. Chauhan says you don’t know about that girl, many things change in two years, person, situation, intentions. Ranvir shouts. Chauhan says I dislike talking to people who talk in loud tone. He disconnects. Kartik says you thought he will tell you if he did something. Ranvir says this time, I will not leave him. Kartik says we should focus on finding Sirat. Chauhan says I didn’t do anything yet, if I do something then… He laughs. Ranvir says I will go to police. Sirat comes back. Manish asks where did you go without telling anyone, do you have sense, there is so much danger, you went on a cycle without telling anyone. Kartik says you should have told me if there was anything.

Manish says she would have gone after something stupid. Sirat says it wasn’t stupid, it was this. They see the watch. Suwarna asks how did you get this watch. She says I had seen this in trash, its good I identified it. She recalls seeing the watch. She runs after the man. She sees the trash taken in the van. Her phone falls there. She leaves on the cycle. Sirat says you told me that this watch belongs to Manish’s dad, he loves it a lot, how could I lose it. Kartik says you risked life, knowing the danger. She says I just wanted to get this watch, my time changed because of you all, how could I let you lose this watch. Kartik makes Manish wear the watch. He says she left her haldi to save Dada ji’s sign, you can leave your adamancy, she will leave forever after her marriage, bless her. He asks Sirat to take blessings. Manish blesses her. Everyone goes. Kartik says thanks. Sirat asks why did you make me a stranger by thanking. Kartik says we shall thank dear ones also, thanks for the best gift, its precious than Kohinoor. She smiles. Ranvir asks why did you go out, you left the phone.

Sirat says nothing will happen to me, you and Kartik will save me. He says nothing will happen to anyone until I m here. Chauhan says I will do what I decided, Ranvir was young, he used to play a game to know my next move, he never won, he will not win even this time. Kartik comes to the gate. He sees the cctv footage. He says Chauhan won’t let the marriage happen easily, I will protect my friend. He sees Ranvir and Sirat. He says Laila majnu, there is haldi in sometime, we have to start jaldi soon. She says I will go, I was feeling thirsty, I m going to have water. They say we will get it. Kartik asks Ranvir to get water, he should care for his wife. Ranvir goes. Kartik cares for Sirat. Sirat jokes. Kartik asks why did you get cheesy. She says you can’t digest praise. Ranvir gets water.

Kartik says please be ready for haldi, you can talk after marriage. He goes. Sirat says Kartik did a lot for me and Maudi, we will do anything for him. Ranvir says yes, anything. She says be it any price. He says we will fight for him with anyone. She asks promise. He says promise. Kartik says I regarded you friend, I will get you married to Ranvir, Chauhan can’t do anything. Suwarna asks Ranvir and Sirat to get ready fast. He says yes and smiles. Sirat says you would be missing Amma. Ranvir says I used to control myself since two years, now that I spoke to her, I miss her. She says she would also wish to come in your marriage. He says she wanted to see my marriage. She says my mum doesn’t matter to me, she made me out of her house. He says we both don’t have our mums here, same.

Nani makes haldi ready. She prays. Kartik says we have to stay alert, not upset, we will get a bit happy. Manish says no use to tell you anything, you are stubborn, we will talk to you once marriage happens. Kairav says Sirat is coming. Vansh gets Ranvir. Kartik sings and dances. Lagdi hai thayn… plays… Everyone dances. Kartik smiles seeing Sirat. He signs Ranvir and Sirat about their looks.

Ranvir’s mum prays. Nidhi says I know you had made this card and Kalgi for Ranvir’s marriage. Ranvir’s mum says its not in my fate to attend his marriage. Chauhan comes. She gets tensed. Ranvir and Sirat get haldi applied. Kartik applies haldi to her. She stops him. They run. Ranvir laughs and catches Kartik. Sirat applies haldi to him. Teri hui….plays…. Everyone enjoys the dance.

Sirat asks who. Kartik comes there. Bol halke halke…. plays…. He cares for her.

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