Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2023 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi saying nothing can happen to Abhinav. He injects and makes Abhinav stable. Akshu cries. Manjiri goes to her room and cries. She says this house and Akshu have moved on, we have learnt to live without her, we don’t need her, she doesn’t need us, her song returned today, what if she returns, no, we don’t need her, my son doesn’t need her. Abhir lies with Abhinav by tying his legs. Akshu gets emotional and kisses him. Abhi goes. Akshu sees Abhi standing outside in cold. He sees her at the door. He says its cold, go inside, I will be in the car, call me if you need anything. She shouts thank you Abhimanyu. He says its okay, I m a doctor, its my work. He sits in the car. She sees Abhi feeling cold. She goes out to him. He asks her to go inside. She asks him to come inside, because he is a doctor. They go inside the house. She says I will get tea. He says I don’t drink tea, if possible, get warm milk with some elaichi/cardamom. She goes. He says those who can’t change their fate, they change their habits. Suwarna says Manjiri has not forgiven Akshu.

Dadi says Manjiri has lost her son. Suwarna says she has scolded Ruhi. Kairav argues with Manish. Manish says its about Akshu, if Kairav is upset with her, then what shall we blame Manjiri. Dadi says Akshu is your sister, she needs you. Kairav says I also need her. Manish says she needs you more, she asks about you, what shall I tell her. He asks why didn’t she come to me for help, she trusted a stranger, not me, if she can do everything on own, then why shall I go to her. Manish says you are elder, you have to try, I had tolerated Kartik’s anger for long. Kairav says I will be always wrong for you. Suwarna asks him to calm down and listen. Kairav says yes, its my duty. Manish says you left Akshu alone to fight. Kairav says she left me alone, but see you didn’t tell her anything, you have forgiven her for leaving us, but I will never forgive her. He goes. Suwarna asks him to listen to her once. Akshu gets milk for Abhi. Abhi shows Abhir and Abhinav’s drawing.

She says sorry, Abhir likes marshmallows milk. He says I have this with Ruhi. He asks why did you stop singing. She asks why did you leave Mahadev. He gets Aarohi’s call. She recalls Aarohi. Aarohi asks him to forward the patient’s details. He says discuss it with Anand once. She says Anand is busy, you explain me on video call. Abhi goes to a corner and talks to Aarohi. She asks are you at someone’s house. He sees Akshu. He says yes. She says really, I didn’t know you know someone personally. He says there is an emergency here, I m missing Ruhi. She says its okay, I will take details from Anand. Abhi looks around. He removes Abhir’s specs and says glasses in 5 years age. Akshu says I was thinking the same, your eyesight wasn’t weak. Abhi says I was talking about Abhir. She says sorry. He says side effects of complicated pregnancy. She asks when did you get glasses. He says I got it when I wasn’t seeing well, its suiting me now. He tells about Ruhi. She laughs. He says Abhir likes stars a lot, Ruhi likes butterflies, she is obsessed, she calls me Poppy, it was tough for her to call Papa and Bade Papa, so Poppy, Abhir is very cute. She thanks him. Manjiri cries and apologizes to Ruhi. Aarohi says its okay mum, Nishta told me everything. Manjiri gets sad and talks of Akshu. She says I always believed that Abhi and Akshu will stay happy together.

Manjiri says Akshu is wrong, why are we all bearing the punishment, I regarded her my daughter, she made it a punishment for me, a mum can forget her pain but not her son’s pain, how shall I forget Akshu’s mistake, Abhi is in pain, I will never forgive Akshu.

Akshu says Abhinav asked me to give this to you. Abhi says sorry, I should have not told about Sirat. She runs after Abhi’s car.

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