Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2016 Written Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2016 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Akshara making food for Naira and being very excited. Naitik comes. She says I m making something for Naira, I think you also came to cook something for her. He says I did not ask Naira. She says I was thinking to ask Naira, but Mishti said she is in Naksh’s room, you can make noodles. He says I will see, don’t worry. He recalls Akshara getting police there. He thanks Akshara for getting Naira back, I was finding her since many years, but you found her, thanks. She says we all tried together, its our trust and prayers victory. She asks what are you thinking. He says nothing and thinks was I blaming Akshara without any reason.

Devyaani says our wishes got true. Rajshri says wishes never get fulfilled, we have seen Naira and now I wish to hug her. Devyaani says I wish to sit and talk to Naira. Gayu asks them not to get emotional. Karishma and Naman have a talk about Naira. Karishma says Naira is not happy coming back. Naman says our happiness will not stay, Naitik will now see office and Akshara will see home, everything will get normal as Naira came back. Karishma says no, they will focus on Naira, they will be busy with her. He says it will be good if this happens.

Naksh asks Naira did she not miss them ever. Naitik and Akshara get food for Naira. Naitik asks her to guess what is it. He says Gayu said you don’t want to come down for lunch, so we thought to come here. Naksh says her tantrums are not less till now. Naitik says so what, I m here for her. Akshara shows the dishes Naitik and she made. Naksh says I will also make something for Naira. Naira takes noodles Naitik made. Akshara asks her to take halwa she made. Naira says I don’t like halwa. Akshara says fine, eat what you like. Naira thanks Naitik and says its good. Naitik says good, I made noodles, your mom made the sauce, that’s why its tasting so good. Naira leaves the noodles and asks them to go. She says I have to get fresh, I will eat later, I m not hungry now. He says fine, have it later. Akshara says we are here, call us if you want anything. They all leave.

Naira gets angry as Akshara is in every talk. She gets Pungi’s call. She tells Pungi that Akshara turned more great by getting me back, I hate her, I will go back in my world, I won’t stay here. Akshara asks Naksh did Naira say you something. He says no. Rajshri says there is something. Devyaani says yes, we should find out. Naitik says she needs time. Bau ji says we have to find whats in her heart, Akshara can do this.

Akshara says I can afraid anything can happen. Naksh says we should give her time, she will tell us on her own. Vishwamber agrees. Akshara recalls Naira’s anger and tells Varsha that is it that what Naira told me. Varsha says don’t think about it, she may have said that in anger. Akshara says she is meeting strange with me, she is annoyed. Varsha says forget it. Naira says Akshara managed everything, but not our relation, she has a good image, I know the truth, I will tell everyone the truth, they should know your truth, they won’t like to take your name.

Naitik asks Naira to come and have sweets, Akshara made tasty sweets. She refuses and says I m tired, I m getting sleep. He says fine, take rest. He sits by her side and sings lullaby for her.

Akshara comes and asks did she sleep. Naitik says yes, she was tired. She says she changed a lot, but some habits are same, see. They arrange Naira’s room. She says Naira did not eat food. He says maybe she is not tired, I will make fresh tomorrow, come. They leave. Naira cries. Akshara shuts the door. Naira says I can’t do this acting. Naitik asks Akshara why did you stop. Akshara says she likes noodles a lot, why did she not eat, she was hungry, so she took noodles in plate, did she leave it as I made sauce. He says how will it matter, I don’t understand. She says nothing. He asks her not to worry, I can cook for Naira anytime, come and take rest. She worries. Naksh tells Gayu that we will meet Naira in morning. Naira gets her bag to pack. Akshara ties the door with a dupatta and sits there. Naitik says I have shut main doors well, you can leave worries. Naira says I m going and will never come back.

Akshara asks Naira to have Prasad. Naira argues with her and apologizes to Lord in her heart. .

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