Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2019 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Naira praying for Kairav. Kartik prays. He says I also feel Naira is around, now Aditya has come and said the same, why are you doing this. Naira says Kartik moved on, I should also move on. Kartik says I m moving on just for family. Kartik and Naira pray for their share of happiness. Kartik says everything will change after marriage. Naira asks Kartik to change clothes. Kairav says but we are going to Mumbai right. She says no, doctor will treat you here itself, your fav clothes will get the terms. He agrees. Vansh asks what’s that yellow thing. Naksh says its haldi, we will apply it to groom and bride. Vansh says they will look funny. Naksh says they will look beautiful. Vansh says I also want that. Bhabhimaa says we will get you married. Vansh says no and runs.

Dadi asks the girls to grind haldi fast. Naira says doctor will kill the germs from your tummy. She turns and cries. Liza says yes. Kairav says I will also beat the germs. Naira says you are brave, you will get fit. Kairav says then we will meet dad.
Dadi checks arrangements. She goes and screams. Kartik runs to Dadi. Everyone follows. Dadi asks what did this happen. They see the lady crying and haldi fallen down. Naira takes Kairav. Dadi sits crying and lights a diya. Everyone prays. Dadi says don’t let anything wrong happen. Kairav says what’s happening. Naira says your germs have got scared and run away. Kairav gets dizzy. Naira cries. He says everyone is rotating. Doctor checks him. He says I don’t feel good. Naira asks what’s happening. Doctor says his bp is low, we can’t operate him. Naira says Pallavi said the surgery is imp. Doctor says yes, but… Dadi says I have decided today, I will get this marriage done. Kairav asks where is dad, I want dad, call him. Kartik comes to his room. He gets a call from Sharma. He says I have told you many times, don’t trouble me for everything, do your work. He sees his sherwani. He recalls his marriage with Naira.

Manish says I was standing in this situation, Soumya was no more, but I felt her presence, I had to give her place to Suwarna, I felt if I m hurting her by marrying again, I loved Soumya a lot, I thought to run away, but I thought what’s Suwarna and my children’s mistake, I felt this is right, its tough to fight own self, we need courage for it, the ones who love us want our happiness, even Soumya would have wanted my happiness like Naira would want you to stay happy and move on, you are living with this love, don’t do this, say something. Kartik says situation will be same, I m standing in same place, but there is big difference, you loved Suwarna, I don’t love Vedika, I just love Naira and will always love her. Manish says love just happens, if Vedika has love in her fate, none can snatch it, not even Naira. He gives his sherwani and goes.

Manish thinks sorry Kartik, I know you won’t have courage, I can’t see you fight yourself. Naira says you said the surgeon is coming. Doctor says yes, I called, she is stuck in the traffic. Kairav says Papa…. Nurse says Pallavi didn’t come yet. Naira calls Pallavi. She says I will message her. She writes the message to Kartik. Kairav screams. Doctor says relax, its just an injection, it won’t pain. He cries and says I don’t want the injection. Naira says I know you are brave. He says I m scared like dad, where is he, why isn’t he coming, I want dad. She recalls Kartik’s words and says I know a magic, everyone becomes brave by it. Kartik gets ready. He checks his phone.

Liza explains Naira and asks her to stop the marriage. Vansh says groom is nowhere. Vedika runs out.

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