Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhir coming to meet Ruhi. He says she is still angry. He sends a paper plane towards her. She checks it and turns to see. She says come in front if anyone wants to say sorry. Abhir makes soap bubbles. Ruhi asks who is hiding there. She sees Abhir and recalls Abhi and Abhir. Abhir says why isn’t she playing. Abhi sees the bubbles and looks out of the window. He sees Abhir and runs downstairs. He says Ruhi, see Abhir… He looks around and says was I dreaming. He gets the soap water stick and runs outside to Abhir.

Kairav comes in between. He asks Abhir to sit in the car. Abhir goes. Abhi says I have to meet junior. Kairav says he came here without telling anyone, I want to show you something. Abhi says do that after I meet my son. Kairav gives some papers. Abhi jokes on it. He checks the restraining orders. He says you can’t meet Abhir without his parents’ permission, you will be only his doctor, think and take action, else you will have a problem if you get stuck in legal matter, love you too bro. He leaves. Abhi sees Abhir. Manjiri looks on.

Akshu says I m going to talk to Manjiri, I will pray that she understands me. Kairav gets Abhir home. Everyone worries. Akshu asks what happened to him. He says nothing, he is sleeping, he went to Abhi’s house. Abhinav says he went to meet Abhi. Kairav says no, he went to meet Ruhi, don’t worry about Manjiri. She asks what did you do. He says Abhi can’t meet Abhir without your and Abhinav’s permission, I have prepared a special order. She asks why did you do that. He says you want Abhi to claim his rights. She says I was going to talk to Manjiri. He says they want to snatch Abhir from us, they started this. She says you took the legal action. Abhinav says calm down. She says they will give us an answer, I will go and handle things. He says I will come along. She says no, I will go alone. Abhi crushes the paper. Manjiri takes it from him and checks. She says I was afraid for this, they think our silence is our weakness, what will happen if they take Abhir away, will you go to Kasaulli every month, they just want to keep you as Abhir’s doctor, they don’t want to accept you as Abhir’s father, this paper is the proof, if you stay silent, then Akshu will say you don’t care, they are trying to prove that you had tried to steal their child, do you want to lose your child. Abhi leaves.

He runs on the road. He sees Akshu and stops. Akshu says it was a misunderstanding. He says I will hand over a legal notice to you soon. She says listen to me once. He says I can’t listen to you now, I know one handles the legal document in a legal way. She asks him to listen. He says no, just because Goenkas have money, power and connection, you think you can keep my son away, you are wrong, this father will fight for his son, none can keep us away from each other. She says no one is using money or power, listen to me, six years ago, I had called you, you didn’t listen to me. He asks why didn’t you send a message, its your mistake as well, when I answered the call, you could have told me directly about the baby, sorry, you didn’t tell me, you didn’t want to tell me. She says I wanted to tell you. He asks who stopped you, there are many ways of communication, you were facing bad times, I wasn’t playing Diwali, you could have written a letter or email, Rohan… you didn’t call after that day, but you didn’t tell me, you were taking revenge and punishing me. She says this is your work, not mine, can you listen to me. He says I m not a victim, I won’t be quiet, I know the truth, fate took me to Kasaulli and fate got you to Udaipur. She says yes, you are the centre of the universe. They argue. He says I want to meet my son every day, hug him and spend time with him. She says when a mum gets adamant, then she can conquer the world.

Abhi’s lawyer taunts Akshu about her earnings. Akshu scolds Abhi for making fun of her poor status.

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