Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th October 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th October 2020 Written Update by MA

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th October 2020 Written Episode

Abir shows his and Kunal’s childhood bucket list to Kunal. Kunal reminds that Abir was in class 6 then. Abir says Kunal was in class 3 then. They laugh reading a few notes. Kunal requests him not to go. Abir says even he doesn’t want to go, but its needed to keep them close. He suggests Kunal to shift somewhere with Kuhu and Parul for sometime away from Meenakshi/BB. Parul hears their conversation. BB in her room threatens lawyer to get her work done soon as she cannot hear no. Parul walks in clapping and says her family is shattering, even then her arrogance hasn’t gone. BB shouts at Parul. Parul says she is a mother who sacrificed her only son and didn’t utter a word, she is a mother who saw her son being sidelined but didn’t speak, she is a mother who saw injustice for her son but didn’t speak; BB should stop her sons being separated and save this house, etc. BB orders her to leave.

Mishti prays god to help her. Parul walks in crying. Mishti wipes her tears and makes her sit. Parul says she knows Mishti never was happy in this house and there are more cracks than love in this house, but by filling cracks they reunite things; to light lamp, thread has to burn. Mishti says she is ready to burn for this house. Parul asks if she is not leaving house. Mishti says she wants to make maa realize her mistake and hopes fear of going away from her sons will change maa. Parul says her blessings are with her.

Kuhu calls Abir. Abir asks why didn’t she return home. Kuhu says she wanted to come, but maa didn’t let her go. She requests not to leave home and go away from Kunal as he is Kunal’s strength. Abir says he cannot change Mishti’s decision. Mishti walks in. Abir asks if they really need to go. Mishti says yes and requests to trust her. He says he does as always. She hugs and thanks him. Abir doesn’t get sleep, wakes up from bed, and walks out. BB reminisces Mishti and Parul’s words and walks restlessly in room. Serial’s title song plays in the background. Kuhu messages Kunal to stop Abir and Mishti from leaving as she doesn’t want them to separate. Abir and Kunal walk towards living room and seeing their family photo shaking run and hold it. Abir hugs Kunal. BB watches them, Abir leaves.

Next morning, Mishti gets her belongings in vehicle, informs Abir that their flight is in 3 hours and asks to trust her. Kunal returns Abir’s jacket saying it will remind him of him. Abir says these words don’t suit him and walks with him to living room. Nidhi maami requests Mishti not to go. Parul performs Abir and Mishti’s aarti and feeds them prasad. Misthi tells Abir let us go. Nidhi pleads again not to go. BB enters saying not to stop them and says if Mishti and Abir go, even Kunal, Kuhu and Parul cannot stay in this house. Mishti tells BB that BB’s fear was running this house till now, if she wants Kunal, Kuhu and Parul to leave, they will as Kunal is an established businessman and even Kuhu has her own business, they don’t need her house and will leave after herself and Abir leave this house. Kunal and Abir back her. BB offers her a deal and asks if she wants this house and property in exchange of stopping herself and Abir from leaving. Mishti says BB is so intelligent, but didn’t understand what she and Abir need; she is a successful businesswoman, but lost everything today. She walks away with Abir.

Precap: Kunal tries to stop Abir and Mishti by singing a family song. Abir tells Mishti that maa is acting as crying and her adamancy will break this house.

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