Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th September 2019 Written Update

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nanu saying I will call Vishwamber. Abir says yes, Mishti thinks…. Kaushal comes. Nanu says I will let you know. Kaushal says its urgent. Nanu asks how many times will you fight with Nidhi and ask me to solve. He wishes Abir best of luck and goes. Abir thinks to call Mishti. Jugnu calls Abir and says Kunal is going for jogging. Abir says okay, I will meet Kunal and then go to Mishti, all the best. Meenakshi asks did he come to Rajkot. Kaushal says yes, Laxman said someone has seen him at Rajkot railway station. Nanu says I did mistake to always regard you weak, you don’t do this mistake, trust yourself, you can do anything, you won’t break facing that weak cheap man. Kaushal says yes, we are with you. She prays.

Kunal jogs. Abir comes in between.

Kunal asks what are you doing. Abir says yoga. Kunal says get up first. Abir says mum stays angry on me, I m habitual, you don’t stay angry on me, I don’t want this, I m shattering, how will I keep family united, since you got upset with me…. please agree… I need you, its tough for me. Kunal cries and says you think my life is sorted without you, you always supported me, I didn’t learn living without you. Abir says our choices, love can be different, we can’t be away, I snatched your bike, I will give it, but we will go everywhere together. He shows the bike. Kunal smiles. Abir says I will wait for you. Kunal thinks I will come. He goes to hug Abir. Abir gets Vishwamber’s call. He says I m coming. He goes. Kunal looks on. Kuhu asks what, Varsha begged for me, its all because of me. Jasmeet asks Kuhu not to feel guilty and think of Kunal. Kuhu nods. She ends call and sees Jugnu riding the bike. Jugnu sings. Kuhu says it means Kunal and Abir had a patch up. She collides with Meenakshi. She says so sorry, I was so sorry. Meenakshi asks what’s the good news. Kuhu says you will be double happy, Abir convinced Kunal, I have another good news, I will get ice pack for you. Meenakshi smiles and says Abir and Kunal are with me. She gets Laxman’s call. She says find him, I m coming to meet him. She says Mehul Kapadia, I have protected my children for 25 years and I m still strong, Mehul you won’t reach my children ever.
Rajshri asks where is your dad. Shaurya says he went out. Rajshri asks Mishti to come for a talk. Door bell rings. Vishwamber gets Abir home. Kuhu worries. She says mum and Jasmeet didn’t call, what to do now, Kunal looked normal, Mishti and Abir’s relation should get rejected. She gets message from Jasmeet…. Abir has come, Vishwamber looks angry, don’t worry, you are our blood, Vishwamber will think about you.

Abir’s phone rings. Abir says sorry, I don’t keep phone that’s why. Vishwamber asks why did you take phone then. Abir recalls and says I thought Mishti needs her friend at the time of engagement, you all were worried, Nanu said how will she call you if you don’t have a phone, so I took a phone to talk to Mishti. Jugnu gets a helmet. Kunal says answer the call and say that line is busy. Jugnu tells this. Kuhu thinks Abir changed Kunal’s mood. Kunal says I don’t have time, I have everything, I have to go on a ride with Abir. He goes. Kuhu gets sad. Kunal comes back and says bye….. She smiles.

Vishwamber says you have always told me truth, we will also talk truth, Meenakshi doesn’t like Mishti. Abir says but Nanu and Parul like Mishti, Nanu knows this before I got to know. Vishwamber says Nanu knows this, but Kunal doesn’t like Mishti. Abir says Ketki and Atul like her, if you give me one reason that this relation shouldn’t happen, I will give you two reasons for this, you both are Mishti’s miracles, she believes in love because of you, she got much love from this house, I can’t give so much happiness, but I will try to keep her happy always, this relation is like what will people say, its easy to say that I don’t care, we are told that we should ignore people’s taunts, its tough to do, it needs courage, I have seen that courage in Mishti.

He says when Mishti and Kunal’s engagement was going to happen, she kept marital courtship condition knowing people will talk, then she refused for a wrong relation, she did right, you taught her to oppose wrong, I want to stand with her, I came to take your permission, I know people will talk, but Mishti and I want….. Vishwamber stops him and says we don’t care what will people say, but what will you say, this will matter, if Kunal asks you to choose between you and Mishti, whom will you choose, if your and Mishti’s relation puts Kuhu’s happiness at stake, what will you say, think well and answer Abir, our family’s future depends on this answer. Everyone looks on. Abir thinks.

Vishwamber says our families have seen much. Abir says bad and good also, and best can also happen, before answering you, I want to say something, Mishti is a very nice girl, I can’t make her better, I want to spoil her a bit, she feels this house did many favors on her, she is smart and talks sensible, but she couldn’t understand difference between love and favors, parents want children to be obedient and also naughty, I can’t promise rich things, but I can promise that I will give her much love that she will learn to demand, learn to have small fights, she won’t have fear that I will go somewhere, about Kuhu and Kunal… a relation can be managed by them, if they want to be together, none can separate them, if they don’t want, then they can never be together. He says you asked me this question, Kunal already asked me this question, he asked me to choose between Mishti and him, still I m sitting in front of you, Mishti united Kuhu and Kunal, if Mishti’s heart breaks, it won’t be fair.

Vishwamber gets up. Abir gets up and looks at him. Vishwamber asks Mishti do you still want this. Mishti nods. Vishwamber says this journey would be tough. Mishti says I know. Rajshri signs yes to Vishwamber. Vishwamber turns to Abir and says Abir, I m with you. Abir happily smiles. Varsha gets shocked. She goes. Shaurya and Jasmeet also go. Abir sees them. He says we are also with you, I m also part of this family now. Mishti smiles. Rajshri says you asked me to find my shadow, I m giving you my heart. Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays… She gives Mishti’s hand to him. Abir says I will take care of your heart, more than myself. He touches Rajshri’s feet and takes blessings. He says you did this, which my mum couldn’t do. She says I m also your mum from now on. He hugs her. Mishti hugs Vishwamber and says sorry. Abir touches Vishwamber’s feet and hugs him.

Abir and Mishti get close. His phone rings. He answers the call. Mehul says I want my son, your dad needs you Abir. Abir gets shocked.

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