Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th August 2019 Written Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th August 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th August 2019 Written Episode

Anand tells Rakesh not to be upset. Irrespective of their differences, they are still our elders. They should always be treated with respect. We have always tried to patch up. Tau ji says you did try but I couldn’t understand. Everyone looks towards the door in surprise. Sameer welcomes them inside. Naina says whatever happened was because of our wedding. It’s been a long time now. Let’s patch up. Tau ji asks Anand if he wont forgive his elder brother. Anand and Bela take hi

Voiceover – Sameer:
Who knows it better than me how it feels when broken relations ar meneded. That’s what I tried when I came to Ahmedabad again. It wasn’t just my outlook but it was also the outlook of the ones we were trying to reunite.

Tau ji asks Rakesh if he wants a separate

apology. Rakesh hugs his brother. They share an emotional hug. Tau ji applauds him for supporting Naina and Sameer. I am proud of you. He also meets Suman. Rakesh says Bhaisahab complimented me today. Did everyone hear it? Bela nods. Rakesh says I was yearning to hear him praise me. Suman says mummy. Tai ji says it isn’t right to praise him (Rakesh) much. It is better to show him love by scolding him. I am yearning to scold someone since you left. Rakesh seeks her blessings and they also share a hug. Tau ji folds his hands before Anand. Please forgive us. I was blinded in rage. You always respected me whereas I only cursed you in return. Anand tells him to forget the past. I also tried to meet you many times but in couldn’t! Tau ji says kids did what we couldn’t. He thanks Naina and Sameer for uniting the family once again. Tai ji pulls Naina’s ears cutely. I have always explained things to you like this. You could have also done it once. I would have understood then. We wouldn’t have been away from each other anyways. Naina says I have learnt a lot from you this way. Now I will do it with Suman too. Tai ji tells her against it which upsets Naina. You have been doing the same to me but I cannot do it to Suman! Rakesh remarks that this is what grandparents do. Tai ji seconds him. She tells Bela they have stopped drinking tea. No one else could make such cardamom tea. Bela says I will make you habitual to it again. I will make cardamom tea for you every day. We will stay together now after all. They also hug.
Tau ji apologizes to Sameer. We weren’t with you when you needed us. Sameer says you are with us now. We are happy with this. Tai ji gives a gift to Naina. It is your wedding gift. I couldn’t give it back then. Keep it safely. Naina hugs her. Bela goes to make tea. Tai ji tells her to bring biscuits also. Everyone smiles.

It is night time. Everyone is having tea and snacks and playing with Suman. Tai ji says we met Naina and Sameer after so long. Tell us some stories about Mumbai. Naina says we will play something while narrating stories. We will feel bored otherwise. Bela asks them which game they will play. Sameer suggests cards but Rakesh drops the idea. We cannot play cards with a kid around. Let’s play antakshri. Tai ji says I only know bhajans. Rakesh teases her saying that she only sings bhajans about Bhaisahab. Sameer says it is something we have been playing since all along. Let’s try something else. Naina suggests playing a game where we tell one good thing and one bad thing about the other. Everyone agrees. They choose Tai ji as the first participant. She starts with Bela. She does not bring biscuits with tea but no one can make cardamom tea like her. Bela speaks about her in return. She always asks for things which I don’t like but she also gives advises without asking. They help us in future but they always help us. Anand, Bela and Tai ji say the same thing about Rakesh. He is very short tempered. Rakesh says you also had to say a nice thing about me. Naina and Sameer say that he has a heart of gold and is Suman’s favourite.

Rakesh points out that no one has said anything about Bhaisahab yet. Everyone asks Sameer to say something. Sameer says you dint come in our wedding but you blessed us with your presence now by coming here. Anand speaks about Naina next. It isn’t right to cover Preeti’s mistakes but maybe your relation is very strong because of this reason only. Sameer speaks about Tai ji now. You doubt everyone but you supported me when I had a fight with Arjun. You accepted me wholeheartedly. Naina thanks her for accepting Sameer. Tai ji says I don’t make mistakes in understanding a person. Bholuram is such an example! Everyone smiles.

Sameer speaks about Naina. She is very strict with many rules but the day will be less if I speak about her virtues. Whatever I am today is because of Naina. Thank you. Naina speaks about him in return. He is very stubborn but I was his biggest wish. We could stay in a city like Mumbai because of his persistence only. Everyone claps. Anand speaks about Bela. I don’t like her tinde ki sabzi but I will even eat poison if she will give it to me with love. She is so sweet after all. Bela calls him emotional. That’s why you can understand everyone’s pain. Naina says Bela is very friendly but she keeps everyone happy. Tai ji says even you are very simple and sweet. You win everyone’s heart in a second. Naina smiles. Rakesh adds that Sameer loses his cool in a second. He is also earning so well because of his determination only. Sameer says you are spoiling Suman but this is your right being her Nanu.

Voiceover – Sameer:
You only have complains with people who you really love. Time passed and we dint realise when dawn broke. Everyone had so much to say about each other. Papa’s list wasn’t ending. The reason was that everyone loved him very much. This is what keeps a family together. Relations are joined with love and not minds.

Naina and her friends receive an invitation for their school Alumni party. Naina says everyone would have received it. They will come. Sameer says I don’t know about everyone. We are in Ahmedabad and so are Pundit and Munna. Preeti is in Mumbai. A smile appears on his face.

Voiceover – Sameer:
What would you have wanted if you could travel back in time? We could relive the school days once again through this invitation. This was no less than a time machine for us!

Precap: Sameer comes to school on his bike with Pundit and Munna. Naina, Sameer and their friends recreate their past memories.

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