Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th July 2019 Written Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th July 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th July 2019 Written Episode

Pundit tells Rakesh that he was kidding. If everything works out then my parents will come by next week. Now Rakesh pretends to be upset and raises his hand. He looks at everyone’s faces. You guys think only you can joke? Everyone smiles.

Sameer tells NAina that Pundit is here for a few days. Let’s try that he does not find out anything. Naina assures him. He asks her if she wrote the story. She denies. I got no new idea yet. He calls it a tough job. We spent the entire night thinking yet we cannot think of anything good. Naina nods. We must keep thinking though, even while working. Rakesh goes to bring sweets. Naina asks Sameer what if they use friendship theme. They hear Pundit getting confused over his clothes. He misses Munna. Sameer suggests him what to wear. Naina thinks

of another idea but Sameer dismisses it. Pundit wonders what he will tell Tanvi. This is my first wedding. They smile. As if we have married 3-4 times. Naina advises him to simply say yes to everything. He nods.
Sameer holds Naina’s hand while she is ironing. She looks at him cutely.

Pundit comes to Preeti’s house with Naina, Sameer and Rakesh. He greets everyone and asks Preeti how he has to greet her. They bicker cutely at the door. Nirmala ji asks them if someone keeps the SIL standing at the door. Naina jokes that he is used to it. Pundit says yes to every question nervously without thinking. Sameer and Naina are enjoying teasing Pundit thus. They finally decide to write on the theme wedding. Nirmala introduces Gauri to Pundit. Rakesh asks Sameer and Naina to join them. Naina says this seems like a story only. Who imagined this? Rakesh smiles. Even I had never thought of this. Pundit says yes again. Nirmala ji stops Naina from serving everyone. You are from the groom’s side. You shouldn’t work today. Naina says I am your daughter first. Everything else comes later. Pundit’s eyes are fixated on the food. Nirmala ji asks Pundit to eat something. Gauri asks Pundit if he only knows how to say yes. Sameer denies. He speaks so much that he never really gives anyone a chance to talk. Pundit drops the syrup while eating rasgulla. Rakesh reprimands him. Nirmala ji sends Shubham with Pundit to help him clean him up.

Tanvi paces worriedly in his room. Preeti thanks Pundit. You don’t know what you are doing. He says I always do good work but what did I do now. Naina shares that everyone has rejected Tanvi for her complexion. People give importance to complexion over nature even in this era! Pundit too finds it odd. Preeti says even Shubham ji married me seeing my nature and heart. Pundit says same thing is what matters for me. Preeti takes Tanvi’s guarantee. Shubham joins them. Remove the stain properly or it wont go away ever. Pundit is back to saying yes to everything. Naina smiles thinking of her story idea.

Pundit is mesmerised seeing Tanvi. Romantic song plays as he looks at her. She sits next to Pundit. His hand shakes while sipping tea. Shubham asks Pundit to share something about himself. He says yes in reply. Sameer says he is like a kid. He is very stubborn once he makes up his mind to do something! Naina also teases Pundit. Gauri asks them if they are praising him or are doing something else.

Voiceover – Naina:
This does not happen anymore that your friend can accompany you on such meetings. Back then, having your friend by your side was more like as if there is a thorn stuck in your neck. You cannot swallow or spit it out. Anything that your friend said sounded nothing less than criticism and a taunt!

Preeti tries to cheer Tanvi but she is still sad.

Naina tells Sameer that they will write Tanvi and Pundit’s story. He loves the idea (a little too loudly). Naina covers it up. Pundit requests them if he can speak to Tanvi privately in the garden. Nirmala ji looks hesitant but Shubham allows him.

Voiceover – Naina:
Back then, the girl and boy dint get such a chance to speak to each other like this. Even their choices dint matter back in those days. This is a good and much needed change that has happened today though!

Nirmala ji wonders what they will discuss in private. Sameer assures her they will check on Pundit and Tanvi.

Pundit and Tanvi are sitting in the garden. Naina and Sameer play different songs from a distance. He finds them hiding nearby and asks them to go. I will talk to Tanvi. They ask him if he is sure. Pundit nods. They hide behind the tree by the time Tanvi turns. Pundit asks Tanvi her name and then pats her head. I am a bit nervous. He shares his full name with her. She asks him if he has any problem with her complexion. He declines. This does not matter to me. Nirmala ji asks Rakesh why Pundit came alone. Rakesh says it does not happen normally but they consider me his family and told me to handle everything. I will inform them everything.

Preeti tells someone one phone that they are downstairs. I will keep you informed.

Naina and Sameer discuss their story idea further. Gauri asks her about her meeting with Aruna Irani. I like her very much. Will you get her autograph for me? Naina says everyone is so excited about her out meeting. Sameer nods. It will be good if we can meet her. Naina speaks positively. We took appointment. He says we took appointment even of Anant Sir. They recall his meeting with Anant Sir.

Pundit tells Tanvi he wanted to ask her something. You looked very worried inside. You can tell me if you have any problem. She tells him something (in mute).

Voiceover – Naina:
Every person of this world is looking for a chance which can change their course of life. Sameer and I were also looking for our chance. It just dint depend on Aruna ji but also on Tanvi and Pundit. We had to see if there was going to be any twist in this story or not!

Pundit goes quiet hearing Tanvi.

Precap: Nirmala ji scolds Preeti for bringing an alliance like Pundit for Tanvi. We considered Naina and Sameer like our kids and see what they have done! On the other hand, Sameer is scolding Pundit.

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