Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd August 2019 Written Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd August 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd August 2019 Written Episode

Epi begins with Rakesh hugging Naina. All the society members come to congratulate them as well. Aditya, Jatin and Sameer dance on Dhiktana song. They also pull Rakesh for dance. Sameer notices Naina’s sad face. He dials Preeti’s number and hands the phone to Naina. She tells Preeti that she is missing her. Preeti reasons that she can still hear everything. Sejal gives Ganpati idol to Naina. Naina gets up to make tea but Gauri comes there with a tray of food. You must rest now. Sameer can make tea if anyone needs it. He is surprised. Gauri says I can ask my husband to make it if you don’t know how to. Sameer denies. I will make it. Rakesh offers to do it instead. Sejal teases him by saying that they got sweets. Don’t make sweet tea. He laughs.

Gauri advises the couple to walk

an hour daily. Sameer says Naina gets tensed a lot. Gauri says you need to think, feel and see good things. Sejal adds that Sameer should love Naina very much. The kid embraces whatever it experiences. Rakesh brings tea. Everyone applauds him for the tea.
Nirmala ji has stocked a lot of stuff for Tanvi. She tells Shubham to give it to Tanvi. Nothing happened the way we wanted it to because of Naina and Sameer. Shubham reasons that things went wrong because of Aditya and Tanvi. Naina and Sameer instead helped them fix everything. Nirmala ji stays put. Shubham speaks of Naina’s condition but Nirmala ji refuses to budge. Preeti is walking when she holds her head. Shubham asks her if she is fine. Nirmala ji says she must be ill. Preeti replies that she is feeling dizzy. Nirmala ji says you must have eaten something wrong. Rest in your room. Preeti says I feel pukish whenever I try to rest. Shubham suggests taking her to doc. Nirmala ji calls it excuses but Shubham finds it genuine. Preeti tries to explain it isn’t usual kind. Nirmala ji counters her again. Preeti shares that all the symptoms hint that she is pregnant. Shubham hugs her without paying heed to his mother. She coughs to distract the couple. Shubham helps Preeti sit down. Nirmala ji asks her why she dint tell earlier. Preeti says I thought to confirm it first after what had happened with Naina. Nirmala ji says I can see your face and understand everything. You need to take care of yourself now. Preeti says we must not tell anyone this news for the first 3 months. Shubham goes to offer sweets to Lord. Nirmala ji goes about her work. Preeti apologizes to God for lying. This is the only way to be close to Naina. Please support me.

Naina realises that Rakesh’s birthday is due soon. Sameer says I dint know about it. Naina replies that they have never celebrated it till date. Sameer decides to celebrate it today. This year is very special for us. We will celebrate all the happy moments of our life. The baby should also know how cool his Papa is.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Cool word was so uncommon in those days but it is a regular word nowadays. Language changes with time and so does their meaning.

Naina and Sameer discuss the party plans. He tells her to simply order him and he will do everything. She speaks of a gift. His ideas of a gift are pretty boring as per Naina. People decide of such gifts for relatives who they don’t visit much. Rakesh asks them what they were discussing about. Naina asks them what gift he would want from God if he suddenly appears. Rakesh speaks of everyone’s well-being and their happiness. The baby should be healthy, be it a girl like Naina or a boy like Sameer. Naina tells him to think of a gift for himself. Rakesh shares that he wants to visit the moon. She tells him to think of something which is possible to achieve. He jokes that he wants to fly a plane. Sameer tells Naina to let it be. Papa ji cannot think of it!

Preeti sits down when Nirmala ji comes home. She ties a holy thread on her wrist. Shubham wheels in Dadi. He tells her not to be stuck in old age thoughts but Nirmala ji tells him that Preeti and her would be baby need it. Preeti appears restless. It is great news yet I cannot share it with anyone. Nirmala ji tells her that they are with her and for her. Dadi rings bell. Preeti says you want to discuss some things with (Naina). She stops mid sentence. Leave it. let me cry. Shubham tells her that it would affect the baby badly. Preeti says Naina used to explain in a similar manner. We are going to become mothers yet we cannot discuss all this together. It would have been so good but what can I do now. I wont speak to Naina. I will try to be happy. I will go through the pain and problem on my own. Vanita said that worrying is not good for a baby. I will worry as my sister is not with me. Shubham tells her that he is with her. I will manage everything. Nirmala ji brings water for her. Preeti again apologizes to God for lying to everyone especially Shubham. He will be so hurt. You know why I am doing this though. Nirmala ji asks her if she said something. Preeti shakes her head and wipes her tears.

Naina and Sameer are still thinking about Rakesh’s gift. Sameer calls it a difficult task. Naina asks him if they should ask Rakesh. Sameer says again? Naina switches on the lights and wakes up Rakesh. He asks her if everything is fine. He nods. She notices the books near his bed. Rakesh says I am reading them from now so I can narrate them to the baby. I have been a librarian after all! She asks him a suggestion. There is an uncle whose birthday is coming. He is as special for us as you are. Think as to what we should give him. Keep it realistic. Rakesh says my scooter in Ahmedabad was the most special for me. I will ask Anand to send it tomorrow. Sameer and Naina smile. They bid him goodnight and head to their room.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Back then, the decor and food items for birthdays were very peculiar. I wondered how Papa ji and Chacha, Chachi would have celebrated their birthdays before that age. I thought to celebrate Papa ji’s birthday this time so he can have some memories of his special day. You too should ask your parents how they celebrated their birthdays. If they don’t have such memories, create them.

Preeti pretends to be upset whenever Nirmala ji looks at her.

Rakesh comes home and finds the house all dark. He lifts a decor item thinking their might be a thief but is taken aback to see everyone pop out of their hiding place suddenly. Naina comes there with a cake. Everyone sings birthday song for him. Shubham and Preeti come there as well. Preeti hugs Rakesh and Naina one by one. Aditya lights a candle and they clap together. Cute song plays in the background as Rakesh cuts the cake. He wipes his tears feeling emotional and hugs Naina and Preeti. Naina and Preeti also share a hug.

Precap: Rakesh gets a car as his birthday gift. He hugs his kids sweetly. Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman plays.

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