Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th August 2019 Written Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th August 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th August 2019 Written Episode

Rakesh’s birthday celebrations continue. The girls laugh as the boys dance. Naina hugs Preeti tightly in the kitchen. I cannot tell you how happy I am. Aunty said no. How did you come then? Preeti tells her the truth. Naina says what if someone finds out that lied. You will be punished again. Preeti assures her she will handle everything. your Baby’s Massi is here. Naina is worried that they might be caught. Preeti is positive they will manage it just like they have managed so many things in the past. Sameer calls out to them. we have to give Papa ji his gift.

Shubham, Naina and Preeti bring Rakesh downstairs. He asks them if they brought his scooter from Ahmedabad. Naina tells him to wait for some time. You will find out. Sameer comes in a car and gives the keys to Rakesh. This

is your birthday gift. Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman plays. Rakesh is overwhelmed. He hugs his kids one by one. Arjun always used to say that he will buy me a car. My daughter and SIL did what my son couldn’t do. Sameer shares that this car is second hand but it is in your name. We will also drive it sometimes. Rakesh nods. Preeti asks for a ride. The kids sit down first to tease him but then Rakesh hands the key to Rakesh and sits with Naina and Preeti on the backside.
Next morning, Rakesh tells Naina to look at the photos of hero and heroines in the morning. Sameer brings posters of scientists and great people. Rakesh and Sameer argue cutely over how the baby would be. Naina tells them not to fight. Put both the posters and let the baby decide what the baby wants to be. Rakesh and Sameer again bicker over the kind of pram they will bring for the baby. Naina again tells them to bring both the prams. Sameer asks her if they are having twins. She denies. Rakesh and Sameer keep arguing sweetly over a pram with lights or a wooden pram. Naina finally announces her decision – I want peace. Rakesh tells her to name the baby Shanti if it’s a girl. She shushes both of them. I have been trying to write and rest but you both are talking nonstop. Sameer takes Rakesh outside and tells him that his kind of pram is the best. Rakesh tells him not to teach him anything. Preeti asks Sameer about Naina. He asks her about her choice of pram. In haste, she replies that they should bring both the prams. It wont go in waste.

Preeti hugs Naina. I cannot believe it. it is true that your wish gets fulfilled when you wish it from your heart. Naina worries if her lie got caught. Preeti denies. I am actually going to be a mother. Naina is thrilled. Preeti tells her that while acting pregnant she actually ended up becoming pregnant.

Voiceover – Sameer:
You must have heard it from the elders that the thoughts you think upon or speak upon come true. Preeti had thought something similar. Her excuse came out to be true. God fulfilled her wish as she was our Hanuman after all.

Preeti and Naina discuss baby names in the balcony. They are able to narrow down much more on baby girl names and cannot think of any boy names. Preeti decides to tell Shubham to bring a book with baby names. Naina dreams of being strict with her baby at times and being relentless at others. They continue talking. Nirmala ji looks at them from her balcony. I am sure they must be gossiping about me whereas I am struggling here in kitchen. I can do this much for my grandson. Preeti cannot stay at home for even a second and she seems so happy there at her sister’s place. They finally notice Nirmala ji. Preeti waves at her. Naina stands there with a straight face. Preeti intentionally hugs Naina. Mummy ji must be all red. She would feel like throwing her rolling stone at me. Nirmala ji echoes her thoughts to herself. Naina wants to pacify Nirmala ji first. Preeti nods. I want to first enjoy my freedom. It is because of this baby. Everyone will work at home and I can finally rest a little. They continue their conversation (in mute). Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag plays in the background.

Voiceover – Sameer:
It was always Preeti and Naina for me who popped in my head whenever I heard of that song. They were always up to something.

Naina and Preeti decide to eat Panipuri. They find Sameer and Rakesh coming with Panipuri and Imli. Naina tells them about Preeti’s pregnancy. They congratulate her. Sameer remarks that their timing is amazing since childhood. Rakesh is certain Anand and Bela must be overjoyed. She nods. They all sit down. Rakesh tells Preeti he will bring God’s photo for her room. Your MIL wont like anything else. Preeti shares that Shubham has done it already. The Panipuri party starts.

Voiceover – Sameer:
God takes from one hand and gives from another. We went through something similar. We left all our loved ones behind and shifted to a new place but we found everything in Mumbai. Preeti, Papa ji, Naina and I were staying like a team in Mumbai. Now new members were going to join our team.

Rakesh and Sameer talk to Vanita about buying a house in this society itself. Vanita suggests them to buy the flat in which they are already staying. The owner wants to sell it. They are pleased and finalise the amount off papers. Sameer thanks Vanita.

Sameer does not let Naina bend down or do any household work. Sameer tells Naina that he will buy this house for their baby. She is thrilled at the thought of having their own house. Are you serious? He nods. Vanita ji is helping me with the house deal. She rests her head on his shoulder excitedly as she thanks him. He says we left everything in Ahmedabad but now we will have our own house in a city like Mumbai. It is a big thing, right? She nods and starts talking about her plans for the house.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Everyone says that you have become successful if you have bought a house in Mumbai. In those days we could feel that we were getting whatever we had wished for. It was easier to buy a house in Mumbai back then. People can faint hearing the property prices in Mumbai today.

Precap: Sameer’s Mama and Poonam come to Sameer’s house. Naina touches their feet but Rakesh asks her why she is bending down.

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