Yeh Vaada Raha 30th June 2016 Written Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 30th June 2016 Written Update by Rimjhim

Yeh Vaada Raha 30th June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence
Jatin is about to walk out with a breifcase, when survi stops him, asking where is he going in such a hurry, and that too with a briefcase. he says that he is going to give money to the father of khushi. she says that this isnt right. he asks what should we do, be stuck in kartik’s trap all life. he says that he isnt saying anything only because he doesnt want to cross her but he says that he wont bear another problem in khushi’s life, and that if some money can shut the person out of her life, then there’s nothing wrong in it. he turns to her, and tells her that he complied to everything she said, but today he wishes to do this, and leaves. she is tensed. she turns to the lord, and gos to the idol, and prays that whatever is
happening, isnt right as per her judgement. later, she finds khushi tossing around, murmering for her father in sleep. she wakes up finally. survi goes to her. she tells her that her father has gone out for some imp work. khushi gets up. survi asks her if she is happy. she complies. then she cheerfully asks how is she so matrue at such a young age, as she is the mother, and understands everything. she asks khushi to speak up whats she been hiidng. khushi says that she knows she never hides anything from her, and since she said kartik isnt her father, she agreed, but with jatin as her father, she finds it una ble to believe. she says that she got terribly sick that day, and hence mayve they concocted that story. survi emphasises that she is her and jatin’s father, and she has to live with this truth. she says that if she says so, then she complies, but asks if they shall come together as her parents, in front of everyone. survi is aghast. khushi says that she wishes to tell everyone that jatin is her father, and asks if she would agree. survi is silenced, as khushi says that she never has seen them together, nor any pic of their wedding, and she wishes to see them getting married, and asks if they can do it. survi is stunned as she rememebrs her marriage with kartik. when she doesnt respond, khushi badgers her to speak up. she asks khushi to sleep, as they shall talk tomorrow on this. khushi complies, but survi is tensed for her.

Outside, survi paces around nervously, when finally jatin returns back, and they eye each other. he rushes to her, finding her tensed and crying. she asks why did he lie, and now they both have to bear the burden of it, as they have nothing to answer to khushi now. she gets berserk, and he calms her down and makes her sit down. she says that what khushi wants cant happen, and asks if they can do this. he stands helpless, while she goes onto reprimand him, talking about how they are playing psychologically with her mind. as she collapses on the floor, she is again reminded of the lord.

Scene 2:
Location: Isolated Location
In an isolated location, jatin pays off the kidnapper, and asks him to get out and keep this thing an entire secret, of the truth about khushi, from kartik. he asks him to get lost, and not ever be seen again in this city. he leaves, oblivious that kartik along with tai is listening to all this. she asks kartik whats jatin doing with him. she asks why is he giving him money, and what could it be, that they are hiding. the kidnapper complies to jatin’s orders. when he confronts the kidnapper, he is shocked to see kartik, as they remember their past encounters, when kartik tried to catch him. he watches him enraged. tai eyes them both tensedly. the kidnapper is about to speak up, when kartik slaps him tight across his face, and beats him to pulp, while he says that he wishes to say something. tai begs kartik to stop. the kidnapper asks to be allowed to be spoken, so that he can tell him the secret for which he called him here. kartik stops in fury. he says that he told him a lie, and that he didnt kill his daughter that day, and that the clothes werent hers too. kartik is shocked. he tells that he didnt kill and she is still alive. kartik finds it unbelievable, asks if she is still alive. he says that he was getting his daughter back to him, but then he met survi in the way, who took the girl from him. he says that she told him that she has been thrown out, and hence she wants to punish that man so badly, who tortured her like this. kartik is overwhelmed. he tells him that khushi is the same girl, who he kidnapped from the hospital, and gave to survi. Tai pretends to be aghast. kartik remembers his meeting with khushi, and he is distraught and apalled, knowing that she is his daughter. he says that survi has hidden her for seven years, and for the past seven years, jatin pays him money, and he has never gone to survi’s house, but went there that day, and survi didnt let him search the house. kartik too connects the dots, and then thinks that everytime he tried to catch the kidnapper, she has come in between. Tai is aghast saying that she first branded khushi an orphan, and then branded her as jatin’s daughter. he realises that khushi is actually his child, and he gets overwhelmed. tai instigates him that survi deliberately kept his daughter away from him, just so he could be tortured. he is apalled, and full of mixed emotions. she says that she never thought survi could stoop so low. kartik again asks if khushi is his child. he complies, and says that he can get any test done. but then he remembers what survi did, and asks tai to take this man away, as he wishes to be alone for sometime. after kartik leaves, she smirks at the kidnapper at the success of their plan. he asks her what shall happen when kartik meets survi, and then take him to present as a witness, and what would he do then. tai says that he is right, and she always thinks before planning anything out. she takes the knife deftly hidden, and then stabs him fatally, and tells him that he shall be killed, and then noone shall know, where he vanished. he screams and writhes in pain, unable to believe this. she says that she can handle her secrets, and then throws him into a pile of burning ashes, to watch him burn. she thinks that she ended the kidnapping story, and now she shall start a new chapter for survi and kartik, wherein she writes the story and gives it so many complicated twists and turns, that noone shall be able to unravel it. she guffaws at her victory.

Scene 3:
Location: on the road and Jatin’s residence
Survi and jatin both are apalled, at the state they are in right now. Khushi is restless herself. the screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: Kartik comes in the wee hours of the night, to find khushi sleeping peacefully. he tells her that for the past seven years, he has been doing her Shradh, even though she has been alive all this while, but only because of her mother, and that she separated them and made a huge mistake, and shall have to bear the punishment now. The next morning, survi says that sometimes decisions have to be taken for relations, and not for one’s own self. she says that they have to do this too and maybe for khushi’s sake, they should start living together as a family. Kartik comes in and asks her to forget it. they are shocked to see him.

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