Yeshu 13th January 2021 Written Update

Yeshu 13th January 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Yeshu 13th January 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shaitaan thinking to use Rabbi Guru ji and Herod II for his evil motives. The guy asks Guru ji to give his approval to punish the boy. Guru ji says you will not do this and says you have stopped making the toys after coming to my Sabha, and asks why don’t you understand that the new toy always try to divert the children attention. He tells that the boy is innocent and unknowledgeable. He says let my devotees decide what is right and wrong and laughs…Shaitaan thinks though he has God’s name on his mouth, but Shaitaan in heart. He thinks he has chosen him and now he has to choose someone evil in Yeshu’s home. Maria scolds Mary and Yeshu. She says why Yeshu has insulted Guru ji. Her husband says Yeshu is a small boy. Joseph says I will make him understand. Maria says when you had told him, that he shall not speak then why did he speak? Yeshu says Chachi. Maria asks if your mother didn’t teach you, not to speak when elders are talking. Mary says I have taught him. Shaitaan hears Maria and thinks her words are so sweet, when I control her then how she will behave. Devdoodh appears before him and stops Shaitaan. Shaitaan asks did you come to fight? Devdoodh says no and tells that God’s son house is also God’s house and asks him not to cast his evil sight on his house. He requests him to go. Shaitaan says sometimes I feel pity on you and says I am leaving Yeshu’s family, says I promise…that I will not cast my evilness on them and asks Devdoodh to be happy if he wants to happy. He thinks he will find the evils somewhere else. Devdoodh thinks Shaitaan is gone, but Yeshu is in trouble. He asks God to protect him.

Later leena serves food to Guru ji. Guru ji gets angry thinking of Yeshu’s words and smells something. He thinks he has made people believe that he is the link between God and them, but a boy came and tried to spoil everything. Leena prays to God to save him from Shaitaan’s influence. Shaitaan comes there. Electricity goes. Leena goes. Shaitaan comes to Guru ji and hears him saying what to do with Yeshu. He touches the box. Shaitaan asks him to smell something from the box which will open his mind. Guru ji smells something and smiles. Shaitaan vanishes. Guru ji thinks something had happened.

He asks his wife to call the toy maker home early morning as he needs to talk to him. In the morning, Mary comes to Yeshu and tells that she wants to explain him something. She tells that there are many people in this world, they will have different perspective and opinions. She says either you can either ask them to discuss or walk out from there. She explains to him that he shall do everything for his family and shall get saved from the people outside the house. Yeshu says I understood Maa. Mary says my understanding son and prays to God to guide her, so that she can guide Yeshu. Herod II tells that he will kill the ones who hinder his way and asks Senapati to inform all the Kings to Surrender before him or get ready to die in the battle field. Senapati disagrees with him and asks him to think of people’s betterment rather than fighting war with the neighboring countries. Herod II tells that he has to follow his orders as he is wearing the crown and is the King. Senapati tells that the crown used to suit your father well as he didn’t kill his father like you. Herod II says you will not do anything against him. Senapati says my loyalty is for this singhasan and not for the King. Herod II thinks to kill him.

Guru ji comes to Mary and Yeshu. Mary bends her head before him. Guru ji looks at Yeshu. Yeshu thinks of Mary’s words and bends down his head before Guru ji. Guru ji smiles. The toy seller tells that there is a great change in him. Guru ji says real change will happen in him, I have thought so much for him.

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