Mera Balam Thanedaar 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 3rd July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 3rd July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vardhan telling Bulbul that he has full faith on her that she will not let her husband go away from there and says their sena/team is available to help her. They all make sound. Sulakshana comes and asks them not to trouble Bulbul and come out of kitchen. She asks Vyom, why her hair is messed up. Vardhan tells Bulbul that Sulakshana is the boss of the house. Sulakshana asks Bulbul to make food and asks Vardhan to come. Vardhan goes. Bulbul thinks what he told about boss. She understands and thinks she will not let him go. Veer asks the men to pack the things safely, once the light comes back. Bulbul comes there with her team and dances on the song boss. Everyone dances with Bulbul. Kaveri comes there and asks why light is switched off, and asks everyone to go to their rooms. Veer asks Vardhan not to help Bulbul in her childish acts. Vardhan says you didn’t listen to me, and says your wife will not listen. She says I will not interfere between you both.

Bulbul comes to meet Commissioner and tells his wife that she has packed her bags and has booked her ticket too, and says she can go to her maayka. Commissioner says you are here. Bulbul asks what to make you understand and says you are not ready to understand a woman’s feelings. He asks when I didn’t understand your feelings. Bulbul emotionally blackmails Commissioner and his wife and says their one anniversary haven’t passed, and that Veer is going from there. She says she has kept 16 mondays fast to get Veer and has planned so much to do with him, had thought to eat pakodas with him, and dance with him. She tells his wife that Veer wants to go as he is a bit upset with her. She tells Commissioner that he is like her Baba sa and asks if he will let injustice happen with her. Commissioner’s wife asks him not to break Bulbul’s heart. He says ok, I will cancel his Delhi transfer. Bulbul thanks them and tells that hugs his wife. He asks her to remember that she has regarded him as his father. She says she will.

Veer thinks where is Bulbul? Bulbul comes there and asks him to pack all his clothes, as his mission is long. He thinks Bulbul is more eager to send me. She takes clothes from his cupboard and falls on him. Song plays……They look at each other. Mera balam thanedar plays…She gets up. Veer holds her. Bulbul touches him. He asks what game you are playing? She says I was just helping you. He says I can sense that you are making some khichdi. She asks if I am doing wrong. He says your innocent face, big eyes etc will not work for me, stay away from me. She says you are staring at me and says you will not get cute and innocent girl like in Delhi. She says wife use all means so that her husband don’t go from there. He asks what you mean to say. She says she is giving some knowledge to him, while givingb lecture. Veer hears everyone laughing happily and goes downstairs. Vardhan asks Sulakshana to have sweets first. Veer comes downstairs and asks what is happening. He looks at Bulbul. Bulbul says I didn’t do anything, I was with you in the room.

Everyone cheers happily. Veer asks what happened? He gets Commissioner’s call. Commissioner says he got his transfer cancelled. Veer says but that mission. Commissioner says I told you, my decision is final. He says you are newly married and asks who goes away being upset with wife. Veer says ok and ends the call. He asks what did you do? He asks did you meet Commissioner Sir? She says yes, only wife has the right to get upset and husband has the right to convince her. He says you are impossible.

Episode ends.

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