Aankh Micholi 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Aankh Micholi 2nd April 2024 Written Update by Amena

Aankh Micholi 2nd April 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rukmani recalling Malhar. Kesar asks Malhar to sit. Malhar sees Rukmani and gets sad. Rukmani serves the food to everyone. Kesar tastes the food. She asks Rukmani to come to her. She gives her bangle to Rukmani and praises the food. Everyone smiles. Kesar says you have come as Annapurna in my kitchen. She asks her to serve her husband next. Rukmani serves the food to Sumedh. Malhar looks on. Sumedh asks Malhar to have the food. Rupal says Sumedh and Malhar share things since childhood. Malhar says no, you have a right on it, you eat it. Rupal says Rukmani will feed the food to Sumedh. Kesar says I will close my eyes. Rupal asks Rukmani to feed Sumedh with her hands. Rukmani does it.

Rupal teases Sumedh. She asks him to praise Rukmani in special words. Sumedh asks Malhar to help. Malhar says I don’t understand, you say it. Sumedh and Malhar complete the poetry. Rupal says Malhar can complete Sumedh’s love story. She asks Malhar to give the gift to Rukmani. Malhar gives the gift. Rupal likes the heart pendant. He says you have a good thinking, Malhar, Rukmani will have Sumedh’s heart. Malhar gets up. He says I feel suffocated, I will go out and come. Malhar and Rukmani cry and think of each other. Judaai…plays…. Rukmani says I have to tell Sumedh about Malhar and me. Her anklet falls. She sits to wear it. Sumedh comes and makes her wear it. He says you have given joy to Kesar by making good food, thanks.

She says you made tasty food, make it again. She thinks I can’t lie to him. She says I have to talk to you, Malhar… Kesar asks them to come and decorate Malhar’s room. Kesar asks Malhar why didn’t he tell her about the accident. Malhar says I m fine, don’t worry. Sumedh asks how did this happen. Kesar says you have changed, you have hidden secrets in your heart.

Sumedh says swear on me, tell me, how did this happen. Malhar says it was a joke, I lost my life’s biggest happiness, I was coming in your marriage, I had Mini’s ring, I found it fallen on the ground, I went to pick it and a car has hit me, I wish I could reach to your wedding that day. Sumedh asks why didn’t you tell me, where is Mini, does she know this. Malhar says she has blocked me, I feel she has blocked my breath, I tried to call her. Rukmani looks on and cries. Malhar says its fine, I loved that girl, she left me. Kesar says I want to see you happy, if I knew you love her a lot then I would have got her in your life, we will go and get her. He says no, some people come in our life and give us pain, I took IPS training, I will handle this pain, things will get fine with time. Sumedh massages Malhar’s leg and says I would have taken your pain and given my joy. Malhar says you gave this pain, because I was coming in your marriage, I m joking. He says Mini… Rukmani stops. Kesar and Sumedh look at her. Malhar says you aren’t my Mini, you are Rukmani, I want your permission, can I steal your husband for some time. Kesar says she isn’t Sumedh’s owner. Malhar says we are meeting after a long time, we will have a talk. Malhar and Sumedh leave.

Malhar and Sumedh drink. Rukmani says I have to tell Sumedh about my truth. Sumedh says Rukmani is upset with me, she doesn’t tell me, I think she isn’t happy with this marriage. Malhar comes to Rukmani’s room.

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