Aankh Micholi 31st March 2024 Written Update

Aankh Micholi 31st March 2024 Written Update by Amena

Aankh Micholi 31st March 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rukmani recalling everything. She runs to see Kesar. She says I think Kesar got to know the truth, she is calling dad. She apologizes. Kesar says we have made a mistake to get a big officer home, its good that you told the truth because of special thandai, else we would have not known it. Rukmani says I had it by mistake. Kesar says I know, I don’t know who fed you the bhaang, I m still thinking of it, why did you salute again and again, I came to ask you, you were drunk, tell me now, what’s the truth. Pankti says she is constable’s daughter, that’s why. Kesar says yes, but I won’t want policegiri home, I want simple girl. Rupal tells Rukmani what Sumedh told to Jamkudi. She says he took your side and defended you in front of everyone. Rukmani smiles seeing Sumedh.

Kesar sees Vijay’s pic and gets sad. Rukmani sees the tattoo paper and thinks of Veena’s death. She keeps the papers and goes. Kesar cries for Vijay. She says why did you leave us and go. Rukmani comes. Kesar tells about Vijay’s birthday. She says we make many things on his birthday, I m giving this duty to you this year, you prepare the dishes tomorrow, make it well. Kesar’s tattoo pic falls. Rukmani doesn’t see it and goes. Sumedh says pandit ji is coming tomorrow at 10am. He says its Malhar’s voice message. Rukmani stops when Pankti holds her hand. Pankti asks her help. Malhar says I m coming home tomorrow. Kesar and Sumedh get happy. Sumedh says IPS Malhar Thakkar is coming, I will make his nameboard. Prisha says he has much value, no one values my studies, I wish I was also a son. Sumedh comes to Rukmani. She says I will make the food. Sumedh sees his pressed clothes and smiles. He tells about Malhar. He asks her not to feel bad of anything. They sleep separately. Kaisi kismat ne…. plays….

Its morning, Kesar asks Shivani to clean the house. Sumedh thinks Rukmani would be tense managing everything alone. Rukmani cooks the food. Ladki bani Anjani hai….plays… Sumedh comes and says I came to take water for the store. He helps Rukmani and goes. She smiles. He says if she needs anything, then who will she ask. The man delivers Malhar’s nameplate. He thinks I got a chance to go to kitchen. He sees Rukmani cooking nicely. He smiles watching her. Aankh micholi…plays… He says wire is loose, I will get it fixed, your cooking style is unique, but good, I have to tell you something, nameplate should be on gate’s right side of left side.

Rukmani gets Vijay’s pagdi for Sumedh. Kesar says my son will come and wear this. Malhar comes home. He meets Rukmani and is shocked.

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