Aapke Aa Jane Se 23rd May 2019 Written Update

Aapke Aa Jane Se 23rd May 2019 Written Update by Sona

Aapke Aa Jane Se 23rd May 2019 Written Episode

Both Vaidika and Sahil cry for the breakup and divorce of their relationship.

At night, Rekha sat with Shashi and says Vaidika has left the house, the one who tried to kill him and held the greed for their money. Shashi thinks Rekha is at wrong and destroying her own house by herself. He feels helpless. Rekha says now Sahil and Avantika will be married. Sahil comes there and reminds Rekha this won’t happen ever. Sahil clarifies to Rekha that he is only related to Vaidika. He won’t marry anyone else other than Vaidika. Rekha asks if he would still support that criminal Vaidika. Sahil forbids her call Vaidika a criminal. Rekha asks Sahil if he still holds Vaidika dear to her or his father. She was sure Shashi could also not say so. Sahil was sure his father had accepted Vaidika as his

daughter in law. He convinces Shashi to speak that he accepted Vaidika. Shashi was helpless and only cries. Rekha tells Sahil to save their family now.
Avantika was ready as a bride. Prem Pratab comes to Avantika and convince Avantika that this isn’t right. Avantika says the proposal was for her. Vaidika had grabbed Sahil. And Vaidika married Sahil only for money, but nothing else. She even tried to kill Shashi. Prem Pratab says they can’t be a part of this marriage. Avantika thinks no matter her parents aren’t a part of this wedding, she can’t give up on what was gained through a huge game. She comes for the wedding all alone. Rekha welcomes Avantika.

Vaidika sat in the temple. She was alone, and asks God why They snatched Sahil from her, after granting her the happiness of his love, care and all the understanding and respect. She wanted to share her heart out with Sahil, but her life situations came at a verge where she must not sacrifice her life. Till when woman must sacrifice her life and happiness for the sake of family. Manjolika comes to Vaidika and asks which wife leaves her husband so easily. Someone played a trick over her, and she fell prey to the shrewdness. God had sent her to Sahil and united them, she separated herself from Sahil. She is going against God’s wish. Sahil has always stood by her in all times and situations. She tells Vaidika about their love story in the past life, then an accident which took their life. It’s now their second chance to complete this love story. She urges Vaidika to go and protect her marriage. People consider her crazy, they make fun of her, and throw stones over her; still she doesn’t die. She would only get a peaceful death when she and Sahil have united. She was her mother Vaidika, in her past life. Vaidika can’t leave Sahil so easily even in this life. She tells Vaidika that Avantika is responsible for all this planning, she got a fake will of her father in law, tried to kill Shashi and is now going to marry Sahil. Vaidika can protect her marriage and get her Sahil back. Vaidika grabs the divorce paper and runs from the temple.

PRECAP: Vaidika thinks she can’t let Sahil marry Avantika. Avantika comes to a room and makes a call. Sahil feels a strange power of love. Vaidika was kidnapped from outside Kashab’s house.

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