Aarambh 19th August 2017 Written Update

Aarambh 19th August 2017 Written Update by Amena

Aarambh 19th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Devsena reaching the temple with Jaldev. Mani Karnika dances and does aarti. They all look on. Few hours back, Devsena says I can’t do this more, I will go out in woman’s clothes, who will identify me. Jaldev says fine come. She asks how far is the temple. Jaldev sees his mum helping Devsena. Devsena lies that she has come from nearby area. He greets his mum and lies that he is Devsena’s husband. His mum says your wife’s maang is empty, wait here. She gets sindoor and asks him to fill his wife’s maang. Devsena gets shocked. Soldiers come and says three outsiders have entered the Rajya, who are they. Jaldev’s mum says they are finding their parents. Devsena says I m going to Mahishi Devi temple today and will get sindoor applied there. Jaldev’s mum says that will be
good. She sees Jaldev’s wound and says I will get lep.

Devsena says mum is always a mum, even if child is own or others. Jaldev says none is outsider for a mum. His mum applies him the lep. She misses Jaldev and cries. She says my son left from home since many days and didn’t come back. Jaldev and Devsena leave. Jaldev’s mum says I know Jaldev you took this disguise to fulfill your aim, so I had to act such.

Devsena says I want to go to Maa. Mani Karnika stops her and says puja happens by sindoor, one who has sindoor in maang can do this puja, you have no sindoor in your maang. Devsena says fine, then how did you come here. Mani Karnika says this temple is in me, I echo in Maa’s ears, I m Mani Karnika. Devsena says devotion is imp. Mani Karnika says you have no sindoor and can’t take sindoor from here. Devsena thinks I will get sindoor and prasad too, but how.

Indramitra and soldiers come and see Devsena. Jaldev thinks they will attack Devsena now, I have to stop them. Mani Karnika says you are not suhaagan, you can’t take sindoor. Mahisha comes and says she is my suhaagan, my would be wife. Mani Karnika says one who has sindoor in maang can come here. Mahisha says fine, I will fill sindoor in her maang and marry her right now if this is the rule to enter temple. He gets the sindoor and goes to Devsena. Temple bells ring. Jaldev stops Indramitra’s sword from hurting Devsena and his hand bleeds. His blood falls on Devsena’s maang. Devsena gets shocked. Mahisha thinks no, she is my would be wife. Jaldev says Devsena, sindoor is here, why did you stop. Mani Karnika says Devsena, Dravid Rajya princess and dances. Jaldev asks Devsena to take sindoor and fulfill her aim. Indramitra gets shocked. Jaldev says your aim is bigger than every strike, go ahead and take sindoor. Jaldev pushes Indramitra. Mahisha stops the soldiers. Mani Karnika continues dance. Indramitra says Jaldev, you got Devsena here but she will not go alive from here. Jaldev and Indramitra fight.

Devsena too fights with the soldiers. Indramitra asks where did that warrior go, who used to be against Dravid Rajya, did you forget Aryavarth, did you forget promise to Guru. Jaldev says no, I m winning her trust and didn’t forget my promise. Indramitra says you are cheating our trust, you are fighting with your Guru. Jaldev says I m helpless, the sign which you have me to keep under throne, its lost.

Meghla has the sign accessory in her hair and talks to a Daasi. She says I got this where I got my love. She recalls going to meet Shivgam. She sees a bright thing in a box and gets hurt on touching it. She says what’s this in Shivgam’s room, its beautiful, how to pick this. She picks it by a knife. FB ends. Meghla says I think Shivgam got this gift for me, I like such dangerous love, my Shivgam’s love, don’t know where is he now. Jaldev says keep fighting, else they will doubt on me. Indramitra says did anyone know your intentions and stolen that sign. Jaldev says don’t know, till I keep that metal sign under the throne, none can kill Devsena.

Mani Karnika comes in between and says your maang got the blood, when I said sindoor is needed, I will not let you take sindoor, you are my enemy. Devsena says I will take sindoor, move away. Mani Karnika says if I move, it will be failure of Maa’s Shakti and my Bhakti, face me if you have power. Devsena strikes…..

She says you can’t fight if you get wounds on body. Mani Karnika fights with a wooden stick, while Devsena has the sword. Devsena thinks Mani Karnika is an expert in fighting with a wooden stick. Jaldev says Gurudev, you let me and Devsena go from here now. Mani Karnika says you can’t understand kinner’s bhakti, you can’t take sindoor. Devsena jumps to get the sindoor. She takes the sindoor in her hand and throws at Mani Karnika.

Mani Karnika says this is cheat, you can’t win Maa’s prasad by cheat, I m Bhavani’s bhakt, I will see how you take sindoor from here. Devsena fights with everyone. Mani Karnika throws sindoor on himself. Mani Karnika turns into smoke and drops at another sindoor plate. Indramitra says fine, take her, who is this third person. Jaldev says its him, enemy’s enemy, who has Agni powers. Indramitra sees Mahisha using fire to fight. Jaldev says Mahisha is marrying Devsena, just he can stop me from keeping that sign under throne.

Indramitra says I have many powers of Brahmand, I just want Dravid Rajya, don’t worry for Mahisha, just reach Dravid Rajya and find the sign. Devsena fights with soldiers. She says where did Mani Karnika go. She takes the sindoor in a pot. Jaldev says now I have to go, take care of Manisha. Indramitra asks him to go. Devsena asks Mahishi to bless her. She leaves. She sees Jaldev. Jaldev thinks I told truth to Gurudev, but I don’t know a truth, why I m not able to kill Devsena. Indramitra asks soldiers to catch Mahisha. Mahisha burns the soldiers by fire. He says none could catch Mahisha till now. Jaldev sees soldiers and thinks they are my people, I can’t kill them. He just beats them up and pushes aside. Devsena proceeds. Indramitra stares at Mahisha and takes all his powers. Mahisha gets shocked. Indramitra says this is Arya Rajya, your powers won’t work here. Mahisha gets caught. He says result will not be good, you all will get burnt.

Devsena asks Lord to make way for her and take her across Narmada. Jaldev clears the way for her and holds a falling tree. They go ahead. Mahisha gets angry. Indramitra taunts him and says just one power works here, its me, Purohit Indramitra. He attacks Mahisha. He asks soldiers to be alert all the time. He goes. Mahisha says you have caught a volcano, you all will regret. Devsena says Mahisha didn’t come. Jaldev says he will come. He sees a pit and lies down in her way. She steps on him and goes ahead, smiling. They reach the river and walk ahead. Jaldev says I have seen Mahisha fighting with Arya soldiers he will come, don’t worry. It starts raining. Jaldev puts his hand on the sindoor. He gets a leaf and covers it up. Meghla looks for Padmavija. She sees the mirror and praises her beauty. Mirror breaks. Sambhavija says how did the mirror break, is this my illusion. She puts her hand across and says I can go out, but is this Padmavija’s trap, I have to save my daughter, I will go out. She comes out of the mirror. She takes a knife.

Devsena reaches the tribe. Padmavija gets shocked seeing Sambhavija, and says how did she come out. Devsena says Mahisha didn’t come till now. Jaldev says he will come. She says he has powers, who can tie him. Jaldev thinks Gurudev Indramitra can do this. Tribal people get glad seeing Devsena getting the sindoor. All the women thank her. The man says you have blessed up today. Devsena says its my duty to save my Praja from problem.

Sambhavija asks Padmavija not to come ahead and shows the knife. Padmavija falls in her feet and says I did big mistake to take your place. She smiles and pushes Sambhavija. Everyone cares for Devsena. Kalketu comes there and says Devsena, celebrate happiness, your Kaal is over your head, your biggest failure is written in this tribe, your death. He takes disguise. Devsena goes for the puja. The man says one who gets sindoor does the puja. Devsena says yes, I didn’t get this sindoor alone, Shivgam supported me, he protected me and the sindoor. The man asks Jaldev to go aarti alongwith her. Jaldev and Devsena do the aarti. Kalketu comes there. Devsena stumbles. Jaldev holds her. They have an eyelock. Kalketu thinks don’t know which fate she got, she doesn’t die, I have to take her away from here. Mani Karnika spreads as sindoor on the ground and forms back. Mani Karnika says I had to come here, Devsena got me to this Rajya.

Indramitra says I will fulfill this aim now. Mani Karnika says a kinner will rule on the throne now. Padmavija says I wanted to kill Devsena, what powers does she have.

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