Agnisakshi 16th March 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 16th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Agnisakshi 16th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Satvik asking the reporter Rita to have food and go, as Bhosles doesn’t let anyone go without having food, specially uninvited guests. Rita says uninvited and she is about to say that Juhi has called her, but Rajnandini asks her to come. Satvik asks Jeevika not to worry. Manas sees Rajnandini talking to Rita. Rajnandini takes the mic and tells that Jeevika and Satvik are composite personalities, Satvik is ambitious, and Jeevika’s dream was always to get married and have children. Pallavi asks Pradeep to see, how Rajnandini handled the matter. Pradeep says you never praised anyone, like you are praising her. Narayan feels proud of Rajnandini for handling the media. Satvik sees Jeevika uncomfortable in the dress and getting nervous. He gives her water. Jeevika drinks it and says I got nervous. She says everyone is talking about her. Satvik asks her to ignore people’s sayings. He tells the lines. She completes the lines. Jeevika thanks him for saving her from reporter. Satvik says I told truth, I asked you for marriage. Rajnandini asks Satvik, if I can take Jeevika away from you for sometime, as our special guests want to meet her. Jeevika goes with her.

Pradeep comes to talk to Satvik. Manas comes to Satvik and tells him that Rita Sarkar was not uninvited guest, as someone invited her from Savitri silks. Satvik tells Pradeep that he will be back. Rajnandini praises Jeevika to be simple and homely, and insults her without letting her know. She sees the guests laughing at her. Satvik comes to Rajnandini and says he wants to talk to her. Jeevika gets tensed seeing the guests laughing. Pallavi comes to her and tells her that she should have told reporter that she got married due to her. Jeevika says I was afraid. Pallavi takes the biscuits from there and goes. The people talk that she seems to be greedy, and everyone is greedy. Jeevika hears and gets upset. Satvik tells Rajnandini that he felt bad that she has called Rita Sarkar here. Rajnandini says if she has not called her, then people would have thought that they are ashamed of this marriage. She says she is deeply hurt by her questions. Satvik apologizes to her, and says I couldn’t understand the reason. He asks her to send her from there. Rajnandini says if I send her from here, then she will write bad about us. She says she will make sure she doesn’t ask any irrelevant questions. Satvik says ok and goes.

Swara asks Manohar if you are still thinking if Satvik married Jeevika due to the accident. Manohar asks if you didn’t feel strange. Swara tells that Satvik will keep her happy. Sukanya comes there and says she is worried about Jeevika. The guests insult Jeevika and say the most eligible guy got the most undeserving girl. Juhi asks them to talk in Hindi, as she doesn’t know English. Swara asks Aai not to worry. The guest asks how can bhosles get such a bahu. Rajnandini enjoys the drama and then comes there, and tells that Jeevika’s family had so much debt, that they couldn’t let her study. She says what is her fault. The guest says it is fault of the person who chose her for Satvik. The guest lady asks Jeevika why did she marry Satvik? Jeevika says I married Satvik, as I trust my destiny and the God writing it. They make fun of her. Rajnandini says she is now Bhosle bahu and says it is destiny that she is married to Satvik.

Satvik apologizes to Pradeep and says he had to go. Pradeep says we have to take appointment to meet you. He says he knows the truth about this marriage. Satvik asks you know. Pradeep says why did you hide from us about this. Satvik is silent. Jeevika thanks Rajnandini. The guest calls her gold digger and says she will sell all the house one day. Jeevika gets tensed hearing it. Satvik looks at Jeevika, as Pradeep is asking him to reply. Juhi asks who will save Jeevika now. Rajnandini says nobody. Satvik excuses himself, takes drink and throws at Jeevika’s clothes. He says sorry and says I was searching Shlok. He says the dress is ruined, and asks her to change it. Rajnandini is angry. Swara and Sukanya smiles. Rajnandini tells Juhi that Satvik did this purposely so that Jeevika changes her dress. Pradeep tells his family that he will not bear as Satvik threw wine on her and insulted her. Swara tells that Jeevika was uncomfortable in that gown and he asked her to change, but she insisted to keep, and realized her mistake when she came here. She says he has saved her worries by making the wine fell on her, so that she changes her dress. Pradeep says I didn’t know. Swara says I am going to her. She goes.

In room, Satvik asks Jeevika to change her dress. Jeevika cries. He asks if someone said something. She says you only said that I shall not worry about people’s words. He asks if someone said something. She nods no. He says we are not life partners, but partner and can share happiness and sorrows with each other. He goes. Jeevika says when we have to separate, then what is the need to walk for a distance.

Swara comes there and asks what you was going to wear. Satvik comes to Pradeep, Sukanya and Manohar and says he will tell them everything. Pradeep says now he don’t want to do what he has done for her. He says your intentions can’t be doubtful and I am sure that you will support Jeevika in future too. Manas is keeping eye on Raj nandini’s activities. Shlok comes there. Manas says Mitra will be busy with Jeevika now. Shlok says he is sure that they will be together and happy. Manas says I feel bad for Jeevika. Rajnandini gets a call and goes.

She comes to side and meets someone. She asked the guy, what was the problem that he couldn’t keep it for a day. He says until it was with me, I had lost my peace. She takes the bag with her. Swara asks everyone to see. Jeevika comes downstairs in saree. Everyone looks at her. Narayan tells Lata that Jeevika will be proved as the good bahu. Satvik gets worried and tells Jeevika that there is a big problem. They see the lawyer there talking to Shlok. Jeevika asks what Shlok is doing with the lawyer. Rajnandini is going to her room, and collides with Pallavi, the money briefcase falls down and the bundles come out. Rajnandini is shocked. Pallavi says so much money. Rajnandini asks her to keep her mouth closed. Pallavi asks from where did you get so much money. Siddhi comes there and asks Jeevika and Satvik, if they are not tired of acting husband and wife. Jeevika asks what are you saying? Siddhi says do you think that only you both know this marriage truth. Jeevika asks Satvik to stop lawyer and says I will stop Siddhi. Satvik is going to lawyer, but Lata stops him and asks him to meet her friend Rekha. The lawyer goes with Shlok. Rekha praises Satvik’s values for marrying for his father. She then asks why he married her, as the girl doesn’t seem to be fit for her. Satvik says she is fit to be the bahu of the house, and tells that the girl who prays for even stranger, is good. He says her name is Jeevika, choti bahu. Lata says yes.

Siddhi says this marriage is the compromise for few months. Jeevika asks how did you know? Siddhi says what is important is how your family will feel when they come to know about this. She says I have to tell them. Jeevika asks her not to tell them, and asks her to give her sometime. Shlok brings lawyer to make him meet Jeevika. Satvik comes there. The lawyer sees them both.

Episode ends.

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