Agnisakshi 21st August 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 21st August 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Agnisakshi 21st August 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Swara getting Shlok’s message in which he is asking her to meet him on date, but nothing serious. Swara gets upset and thinks he is flirting on chat, and replies that she is busy and can’t meet him. Shlok says I have ordered you, and messages her that if she can’t come then he will come to her college and have tea in the tea stall. Rajnandini comes to Narayan and says she wants to talk to him. Narayan says so much happened today and tells that she might be missing Udkarsh. Rajnandini tries to show Jeevika’s medical report to Narayan, but he goes on talking about Udkarsh. Satvik comes there and asks what is in the file. Jeevika bites her fingers thinking about their remarriage and Guru ji’s words. Manas comes there and says I don’t know why you had decided to separate with Satvik, but he was very low when the divorce happened, and today he is very happy after the remarriage. Jeevika says but. Manas asks her not to complicate the things and says you will not separate from Satvik and that’s final. Jeevika nods her head. Rajnandini says there is nothing special in it. She thinks this file can destroy Jeevika, but you are mad in her love that you will accept her, and thinks she will tell them at the right time. Narayan asks what she wants to show. Rajnandini says she had come to apologizes to him and says she shouldn’t have talked to Guru ji like that. Narayan asks her to go and take rest. She goes. Juhi asks Rajnandini if jeevika’s truth is exposed, and says it is good that you didn’t tell Satvik else. Satvik calls Rajnandini. Rajnandini says your butter milk is ready. Satvik says I want to ask about the file. She asks him to read the file. Satvik sees Jeevika’s name on the file, and says it is of her. Rajnandini says it is useless. Satvik says I will give it to her and takes the file with him. Juhi says now Satvik will give the file to Jeevika and then they will talk and will come to know that you are behind everything. Rajnandini says my one conspiracy backfired and that doesn’t mean that every plan will fail, and says she will think 10 steps ahead.

Jeevika knocks on the door asking Shlok and Aadhya to open the door. Satvik comes there and asks what happened, who kept you away from your room. She asks what is it? Satvik says your medical file, which bhabhi wanted to give you. Shlok and Aadhya open the door and asks them to come inside. They get surprised seeing the decoration. Aadhya says when you got married again, you shall have first night too. Jeevika says no. Shlok says we will not let anyone disturb you both, and says DND board outside, and you both are inside. They run out pushing Jeevika on Satvik. Jeevika says what happened to them. Satvik say this is our first night technically. Jeevika says we were together on many nights. Satvik says this is my first night, and holds her closer. Jeevika asks what is he doing? He says romance, Guru ji asked us to be together. Satvik keeps her medical report and comes to Jeevika. Jeevika asks if she can go to washroom. She smiles and goes. Satvik says she had smiled and falls on the bed happily.

In the morning, Jeevika finds Satvik’s letter, and reads that he will not let this second chance go wasted. He says he will not do the mistake which he did when they got married for the first time, and that he will make the marriage more memorable, that she can’t forget even if she wants and …..Jeevika turns the page and says what? Satvik says what is in your eyes, it doesn’t needs to be conveyed….He kisses on her forehead and says I love you….I love you so much. He hugs her and goes. Apna Banale piya plays…Jeevika smiles.

Jeevika asks Rajnandini if she is fine. Rajnandini says how can anyone he fine with headache. She asks if you want Satvik’s betterment then why did you let him do all those things, and asks why you didn’t stop him. She asks why did you ruin my and then says your hardwork. Jeevika asks what I could do, after Guru ji stopped me. Rajnandini says you could have done after Guru ji leaves. Rajnandini says you shall tell everyone about your divorce and then you can leave from this house. Jeevika says no.

She says I have already hurt Satvik’s heart before also, and says she will not hurt him anymore. She says Guru ji told me that I am needed in this house and Satvik’s life. Rajnandini asks when your need is gone then? Jeevika says I will try to stay away from him, and tells that she has left everything on God, and says I will not listen to anyone about my heart.

Precap: Satvik plays guitar and sings song sitting in their garden area. Jeevika comes there. They dance happily.

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