Ajooni 17th May 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 17th May 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 17th May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Amrit tells Subhash to not trust Shanky, he can do anything. Subhash says Ravindra promised to control him. Dijendra says if he cared then he wouldn’t have freed Shanky from the jail. Rajveer says till I am here then Shanky can’t do anything. Shanky calls Dijendra and asks him to come and meet him at their den.

Ravindra beats the servant for freeing Shanky. Bebe says there was smoke in the room so we opened it. Ravindra says you should have let him burn, I will have to go to Subhash’s house and ensure that Shanky doesn’t do anything otherwise I won’t spare him.

Dijendra tells Shanky that we will go to the wedding tomorrow and make Ravindra and Rajveer lose.

Ajooni comes to Rajveer who is sitting outside the house. She says you are not coming to sleep? Rajveer says I don’t trust Ravindra’s words anymore, Shanky might come here so I will stay awake till this marriage is done, if Shanky tries to enter the house then either he will live or me.

In the morning, the family is preparing for the wedding. Bua asks Ajooni and Rajveer to do the lighting. Rajveer turns it on and says its all done. Bharat asks Bua to calm down, everything is on track. Subhash comes there and likes the decoration. Ravindra arrives there and tells Subhash that he wants to talk to him, all look on. He asks him to come with him. Subhash goes with him. Rajveer says I will go and check.

Ravindra tells Subhash that he locked Shanky in the house but Bebe freed him when he left the house. I have brought my men here for protection so just be careful. Subhash thanks him so Ravindra asks him to go and do his work.

Rajveer gets a call from his friends that Shanky ran away from the house, he asks his men to find him. Ravindra tells his guards to shoot Shanky if they find him. Rajveer comes there and says if you had controlled him in your house then you wouldn’t be doing this. Ravindra gets emotional and says you are right, I should have done things right and now younger kids are not even respecting me anymore but don’t worry, I will bring Shanky on path.

Scene 2
Dijendra, Amrit and Shanky arrive outside Subhash’s house. Dijendra says Ravindra is checking everyone himself, Shanky says what will we do now? Dijendra says we are here to attend a wedding so we will bring a big gift.

Meher gets ready and Ajooni tells her that you look beautiful. Meher says I am scared of Shanky. Ajooni says don’t worry, we have protection. Rajveer comes there and says if Shanky comes here then he won’t leave alive. Ajooni asks her to not worry.

Ajooni brings juice for Ravindra and says you must be tired as you have been standing for quite sometime. Ravindra gets emotional and says you still care, how are you? She says I am fine. Ravindra says don’t lie to your father, you have lost weight and don’t look happy. I did a mistake for letting you leave, you remember how we used to fight when you were in the house but now you have left and our lives are not moving ahead. I thought I always do justice but I don’t know why I got punished like this. He blesses Ajooni. Rajveer comes there and says don’t take blessings from people who don’t want good for us. Ajooni says don’t say that, I just brought juice for him. Rajveer says does he even trust you? He takes Ajooni from there. Ravindra sadly looks at the juice. A car arives there and its dijendra with Amrit. They bring a big gift. Ravindra asks what’s in the box? dijendra says its a gift for Meher. Ravindra says I am sure that useless Shanky will try to sneak in so I have to check the box. He asks his man to open it. Rajveer comes there and asks what’s going on? Amrit says we brought a gift but he wants to open it.

PRECAP – Ravindra tells Rajveer that Shanky can’t enter the wedding till he is here. Rajveer says he can’t come because he knows he will meet me. Otherside Shanky enters the house.

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