Ajooni 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 23rd March 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 23rd March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Harman slaps Shikha. She says how are you? You lied to us about this illegitimate child. We kept you like a queen here. Harvinder says I will see her later. He hits Harsh. Shikha stops him and says don’t hit him. You have no right to touch him. Harvinder says see your face in the mirror. She says see yours first. If you wanna show your manliness, you brought me here as your wife. What did you do? Did you give me that respect? Bebe didn’t give me that respect either. For you, I was just someone who was gonna give you your heir. Do you know the truth? Your grandson can’t give this house an heir. It’s he who has the problem. Everyoen is shocked. She says yes that’s the truth. If wasn’t from the Bagga family I wouldn’t even look at him. Why are you silent now? Show your manliness to everyone. You can only hit women. Harman says this Shikha is lying. She says no this is the truth. I am tired of lying now. She says to Ravinder I know I made the mistake and I am apologizing but listen to me. Ravinder says I won’t listen to you. She says no one is born evil. Our circumstances force us to become evil. I was forced to do all this. My dad was addicted to gambling. We had to be on the roads. I loved Harsh and still do. My dad forced me to get married in this house and tell Harvinder this is his child. I did it all for him. I am sorry I made a mistake. I was forced. She cries.

Ajooni picks her. She says the path you chose was wrong and it doesn’t justify what you did. You did wrong to so many people. Ravinder says listen to what she’s saying, Shikha. You should have come to me directly. I would give Harsh and job and get you both married with a house. But you chose this way and you will be punished for your sins. Ravinder takes out a gun and says you both plan evil things. I will punish you both today. Rajveer says to shoot her and end it. Ajooni says don’t do that. He says people like them never change. They tried to kill you and Aman. Only a bullet can teach them their lesson. He hits Harsh. Rajveer says if I were a bit like you I would have killed you but I won’t do that. Ravinder pats him. He says to Harsh I gave you work and respect when no one even listened to you. And you hit my son and he lost his memory? You will be punished and so will this Shikha. He asks men to bring the bell. he says to keep ringing it. If it stops for a second I will shoot you both. He says get started now.

Harsh and Shikha start ringing the bell. It hits Shikha’s head, and her head bleeds. Ajooni stops Shikha. Ravinder says you know why I’ve punished them. Did you forget what they did to your husband? Ajooni says I know but what will we get with all this? Police come in. Ajooni says I called them. The law will punish them both. Ravinder says you’re right. He asks them to arrest them. Shikha says please don’t send us to jail. I am pregnant please think about my child. Harman says did you think about your child? Harman says to send her to jail right away. Shikha says you will never stay happy giving me this pain. Ravinder says take her. Ravinder says to Ajooni you are our strong DIL. He gives her the keys to the house. She says I did what was my responsibility. This is Aman’s right. Ravinder says I am proud of you. I knew you would say this. He says Aman, you’re the owner of this house. He gives her the keys. He says you’ve to be strong like Ajooni. Don’t be scared of anyone.

Episode ends

Precap-Ajooni says money isn’t there. Aman says I thought it was trash.

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