Ajooni 26th January 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 26th January 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 26th January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sandhaya tells Ravindra that we have records against you, we gave you so many chances but your family have crossed a limit today by character assassinating a woman. Ravindra asks her to give them another chance. She says we have already given you a lot of chances, we will go to the court against you now. Ravindra says my women are a little crazy, he asks Harman to apologize to them. Ajooni says what happened today has mentally hurt my mother. Sandhaya tells Ravindra that we will give you another chance only if you go to Ajooni’s mother and apologize to her with your wife and mother. Bebe shouts are you crazy? Ravindra stops her and tells Sandhaya that they will go there and apologize. He takes all from there. Dolly smirks and thinks this is my revenge.

Ravindra brings his family to Subhash’s house. All look on as the media is there too. Subhash asks what is going on? Rajveer says papa has come to apologize to Neeru. Subhash says you people insult us and then come to apologize? Ajooni says let them apologize, it will help Neeru in forgetting the incident. Meher comes there and says Neeru has locked herself in the room. They all come outside the room and ask her to open the door. Rajveer braks the door and finds Neeru trying to hang herself. Ajooni rushes to her. Neeru cries and says I am a thief. Ajooni says its not your fault. Papa has come to apologize to you.

Dolly looks at Ravindra’s photo and says I will keep bringing troubles in his life.

Ajooni brings Neeru to Ravindra’s family and she is scared. Ravindra tells Bebe that she is like this because of you, she has become mentally unstable because of you both. He apologizes to Neeru and asks her to sit down. He asks Harman to apologize to her. Harman tells Neeru that I am sorry for alleging you for stealing. Ravindra sits in her feet and asks Meher to bring milk. He says I will wash your feet. Neeru looks on. Ravindra says I am just repenting my mistake, please let me do it. He washes her feet while media takes their photos. Bebe is angry. Ravindra asks her to apologize also. Bebe says I am sorry Neeru. Ravindra tells Subhash’s family that I am sorry for my family’s act, they were all wrong but we are humans and we do mistakes. He tells Sandhaya that we respect women a lot, what our women did with Neeru was a mistake but we will never repeat it. All clap for him. Ravindra apologizes to Neeru one more time. Sandhaya says we will leave now, she leaves with her flock, the media leaves too. Bebe tells Ravindra that you shouldn’t have done this. Ravindra says it will be shown on the TV and everyone will praise me. This will clean our image which you were ready to tarnish.

PRECAP – The tax commissioner raids Ravindra’s house and says we got the news that you have black money, he takes money bags from there. Ravindra says someone from the house must have given them a tip. Dolly says I thinks Shikha must be behind it. Ravindra says if you are right then I won’t spare her.

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