Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 13th October 2020 Written Update

Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 13th October 2020 Written Update by Sona

Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 13th October 2020 Written Episode

Kamran says alright, if Birbal is his loyalist then Birbal must go. Birbal eyes both and agrees to go, but requests Akbar time of a week. He has to finish a lot of work. Akbar says he will announce his decision tomorrow. After the court, Akbar stops Birbal. He speaks to Birbal that his emotions for his father are strong, but he does not want to let Birbal leave. Birbal says he will go to heaven and will return. Otherwise, it will decrease the respect of king in eyes of their subjects, who could not fulfil the wish of his father.

The next morning, Birbal was doing yoga. Lal Langot comes there, worried that Birbal decided to go to heaven. How this is possible. Birbal says if he hadn’t agreed, Akbar would have agreed to go to heaven. And more than Birbal, Hindustan needs Akbar. Birbal goes in a pose where he holds his breathe. Birbal discusses with Lal Langot that he feels like trapped. He tells Lal Langot to bring Loban to create smoke. They will dodge everyone and flee from spot. Pyaray Laal heard this conversation. He takes the news to Kamran and Vijay. Kamran says whenever there is a huge stone on your way, your need to change the way. Bhasm Baba understands what he has to do.

The next day in court, Bhasm Baba spreads dust around. Baba tells Birbal he will no longer sit on cremation bed, otherwise he will reach to Soorma. Now, Birbal will be locked in a coffin and buried. They will send the soul to heaven and whenever they want, they will bring his soul back. Birbal thinks how he will now run from a locked coffin. Birbal agrees to go but on some conditions. Akbar promises to fulfil all his wishes. Birbal says firstly, he needs time of a week. He has a few tasks to complete on the earth and meet some relatives. There is another request, he will decide the time and place of burial. Another request is, when he goes to heaven, he wants to go under beating of drums and celebrations. Akbar permits Birbal to go and meet his father in heaven. Vijay comes to Kamran. Kamran says it does not matter when or where a person is buried, the result is same; he is buried.

Kamran comes to the room. He says they can not let Birbal run away. They pay a bag full of money to Bhasm Baba as well.

Trilokma was upset and asks Birbal if he is not afraid of being buried. Birbal promises Trilokma he will come to meet her, in her dreams; but he must go right now.

In the forest, Kamran and Vijay make sure that the prepared grave has no outlet. Kamran now observes the coffin. He compliments that it looks beautiful. Lal Langot was tensed that no one will be alive for long if buried once. Akbar arrives. Vijay was excited and says all preparations are done. Akbar scolds him for being happy as if its Birbal’s marriage. Kamran agrees as it is going to be a burial. Akbar asks about Birbal. Vijay says Raja Birbal hasn’t yet arrived.

Soon, they hear a band of drummers. Birbal walks towards Akbar with conviction in his eyes. Akbar was upset and remains silent. Birbal apologizes Vijay, as he must have thought Birbal will run away. Kamran says it does not matter what Vijay thinks; it depends on Mughlai law. Birbal takes a leave from Akbar and everyone.

PRECAP: Birbal promises Akbar that he will come back from heaven. Kamran pays a huge money to Bhasm Baba and tells him to run away from the palace. The next morning, Akbar calls for Bhasm Baba as he had to bring Birbal back today. Kamran asks who would like to return from heaven.

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