Anupamaa 4th February 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa 4th February 2024 Written Update by MA

Anupamaa 4th February 2024 Written Episode

Anuj thinks to talk to Aadhya and thinks yesterday he scolded her, it was necessary, and he shall talk to her and cheer her up. He thinks parents needs to be strict sometimes and thinks to talk to her after she comes home. He thinks to talk to Anupama as she overheard Aadhya. Aadhya says sorry to everyone for disturbing them, and says he wants to talk to her so called Mummy today itself. Yashdeep, Vikram and others go to the kitchen. Aadhya asks Anupama, why did you return to pops and my life, when we couldn’t live without you, you used to leave us and go to your family, and when we have learnt to live then you have come back. She asks her to go to her family which was her priority. She asks her not to return in their lives and says you don’t deserve us. He says you have spoiled everything, and tells that Pops was happy before and now he shouted at me badly due to you. She asks her to leave them, and they have no place for her, and they have moved on….and pops is getting married soon and says finally he will get love and I will get a mother. She asks her not to mix poison in their lives and stay away from them. Anupama is shocked. Aadhya says there was a time when I used to love you the most and now I hate you the most. Anuj is restless and feels that something wrong is going to happen. Anupama gets teary eyed. Aadhya leaves.

Everyone comes out of kitchen. Anupama says my Choti hates me a lot, but I know that she loves me a lot, my heart knows about it. She says sorry to Yashdeep and says don’t think her wrong, she is upset with me as I gave her the reason to be angry on me, I hurt her. She says my daughter was infront of me and I couldn’t identify my daughter. She says she is very angry with me, but I want that….She faints and falls down. Yashdeep holds her and calls her. Aadhya cries sitting on the bench. Vikram sprinkles water on her face and says A…Yashdeep says we shall take her home.

Baa asks kids to have something. Ishani tastes it and says it is so tasty. Ansh refuses to eat it. Vanraj makes him have it. Mahi looks sad. Babu ji makes her have it. Kavya smiles. Dimpy brings masala milk for everyone. Ansh says he wants chocolate milk. Vanraj asks him to drink it and says it is good. Mahi asks Ishani to drink and says it is very tasty. Baa says it has less almonds. Dimpy says sorry and says next time she will add more. Babu ji says Dimpy is not a machine to make same thing again. He says Baa is a miser in praising someone. He says Vanraj and Leela used to have food made by Anupama, but never praised her. vanraj says even I work in my office well, but never got appraisal. Kavya says you gets salary for your work, but the women who works at home, gets to hearing the taunts. She says when I used to work, I used to get the respect though I used to work for 8 hours, but Anupama used to get insult though she used to work for 20 hours. She says Dimpy does all the work and she shall get salary too. Babu ji says yes, so that she can fulfill her small needs. Ishani comes there and gives her a star for being the star. Pakhi gets upset. Vanraj asks if she wants advance. Dimpy says no. Babu ji thinks Anupama would have got happy seeing this change.

Vikram and Yashdeep take Anupama to the latter’s house. Beeji asks what happened to Anu? The Doctor Bobby checks Anupama and says her BP got unstable due to the severe stress. Yashdeep asks if she will be fine. Doctor says yes. Beeji prays for Anupama and asks God to relieve her pain. Anupama gets flashes of Aadhya in unconscious state too. Beeji asks what happened? Vikram says her daughter came after 5 years and said I hate you and went. Beeji says it is mother’s pain.

Anuj gets out of the car. Shruti comes infront of him and surprises him, says she saw his car and came here. Anuj says his meeting got delayed so he got down to have a fresh air. Shruti says she went to spice and chutney and came to know that it will re-open tomorrow. She says she had gone to meet Joshi behen and came to know that she had fainted and fell down due to some personal reasons. Anuj asks if someone was there with her. Shruti says she doesn’t know. She says Yashdeep and Vikram took her home. Anuj asks her to call someone and enquire about her. Shruti calls Vikram, but he doesn’t pick the call. She says she will go and attend her meeting. She goes.

Babu ji gives file to Kavya. Kavya says your job is fixed. Vanraj stops hearing this and thinks to talk to Kavya for bringing the change in the house. He goes. Kavya thanks Babu ji for helping her with the work and for decreasing her work load. Babu ji thanks her for giving him work and making him feel good. He says it is fun to work secretly. He tells her that he is happy that she took stand for Dimpy. Kavya says she had learnt from Anupama, she stood by me and I stood by Dimpy. She says we shall motivate Dimpy to work. Dimpy comes there. Kavya and babu ji ask her to become independent and stand on her feet, so that she can give good future to Ansh. Babu ji says we are with you, but you have to take the first step.

Anupama gains consciousness as Aadhya’s words echoes in her mind. She gets up. Kinjal and Toshu are there. Kinjal says Mummy. Yashdeep says Anupama ji.

Precap: Anuj comes to the restaurant. Shruti comes there and introduces Anuj as her fiance and Anupama as Joshi behen. She goes for meeting. Anuj tells Anupama that he wants to talk to her.

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