Anupamaa 5th February 2023 Written Update

Anupamaa 5th February 2023 Written Update by MA

Anupamaa 5th February 2023 Written Episode

Anupama thanks Maaya for giving birth to Maaya and says they learnt about Little Anu’s birthday and celebrating it because of Maaya. She says Maaya is Little Anu’s biological mother. Guests look at each other’s face in shock, one of them asks if Maaya is Little Anu’s real mother. Anupama asks if Yashoda maa is not a mother, a mother is always real. Vanraj says Anupama is an exceptional fool. Kavya says a difference between goodness and foolishness has vanished, hence people like Vanraj think Anupama as a fool; whatever Anupama is doing is not easy for her; goodness and honesty is not subjective and people like Vanraj will not understand. Samar tells Dimple that they didn’t want to accept it, but whatever mummy told is truth.

Toshu introduces himself to a guest as Anuj Kapadia’s stepson. Maaya thanks anupama. Little Anu leaves Anuj’s hand and walks to Maaya. Anuj feels disheartened and leaves from there. Anupama thinks she knows Anuj doesn’t like it, but she is trying to accept truth. Anuj vents out his anger on a showpiece. Vanrajj walks to him and asks if he is venting out his frustration here, he was facing same fear that Anuj will take away his children, anuj didn’t do that, but Maaya is not like that and has turned Kavya and anupama on her side. Ankush says he doesn’t know what Maaya is. Vanraj says he had an issue with Ankush, but he is on Ankush’s side in this matter; Ankush has to stop all this. Kavya and Kinjal praise Anupama and Maaya for their sportive behavior.

Little Anu announces a game and says they should select a chat with a name and dance with partner. Toshu and Barkha dance on Rafta Rafta Dekho Aankh Meri Ladi hai.. song. Samar and Dimple dance next. Leela frowns and says they have cheated with chits for sure. Kanta and Pakhi, Adhik and Hasmukh, Leela and Bhavesh, Vanraj and Kinjal dance next. Everyone clap for them. Anuj thanks everyone for giving their best performance on his daugher’s birthday. Little Anu says mummy and Maaya’s dance is still left and they will perform classical dance. Maaya and Anupama perform classical dance. Anupama recalls Anuj’s breakdown. Toshu praises Maaya’s graceful dance. Everyone clap again for them.

Little Anu cuts cake. Arun tries to seduce Sushma. She angrily walks aside. Little Anu feeds cake first to Anupama, leaving Maaya disheartened and Anuj smiling . She then feeds cake to Anuj and then Maaya. Toshu asks Maaya when can they have a meeting. Maaya says she will let him know. Toshu says he has meetings lined up with ministers but will space out for her. Leela jokes meeting with a garbage minister. Hasmukh gifts a silver anklet to Little Anu. She excitedly thanks her. Anuj tells Hasmukh that his blessings were enough. Leela says they thought if they would be celebrating Little Anu’s next birthday or not and hence gifted her anklet. Little Anu asks where will she go.

Sushma slaps Arun gaining everyone’s attention. Arun gets angry on Sushma. Maaya asks Arun what did he do that Sushma slapped him. Arun says cheap dancers can’t raise their voice on dignified people. Maaya says even she can expose him. Hasmukh stops them and requests guests to leave. Anupama asks Arun to explain now. Ankush sends Arun away and says he knows Maaya’s truth from before, Maaya and Sushma are club dancers and dance at inappropriate places in front of men. He says Maaya can’t tell who Little Anu’s father is as Little Anu is an illegitimate child. Maaya slaps Ankush and says relationships can be illegitimate but not children, he can accuse her but not her daughter or else she will make his life a hell. Barkha asks how dare she is to slap her husband in front of him, even she is a mother and knows its a glory or honor, Maaya should stop hiding her sin under the disguise of a mother.

Ankush says he wrongly said in anger that Little Anu is Maaya’s daughter, Little Anu is Anuj’s daughter instead; cheap women like Maaya.. Anupama stops him and says he is speaking wrong about Maaya and Sushma. Barkha says such words look good to hear, but they don’t invite such type of women to their home. Anupama asks if they invite men like Arun Kapoor to their home; Ankush knows what Arun is, even then he invited him home; men criticize at a woman who is filling her stomach by dancing in club, they should criticize both men who visit such palace and woman who dance. Maaya starts crying that this all had to happen during her daughter’s birthday. Ankush warns her to stop her crocodile tears to gain sympathy. Maaya says he should stop speaking as he will borrow even sympathy from his brother. She accepts that she and Sushma were bar dancers.

Precap: Vanraj scolds Toshu for mortgaing Hasmukh’s factory and says it would be better if Toshu dies than doing all this.
Toshu suffers an attack. His assistant informs Shahs. Vanraj says they will not tolerate Toshu’s drama again. Anupama hears Toshu’s voice.

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