Appnapan – Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan 8th November 2022 Written Update

Appnapan – Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan 8th November 2022 Written Update by Sona

Appnapan – Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan 8th November 2022 Written Episode

Pallavi mentions she is also busy as she needs to go to the parlor, she asks if he would like to accompany her since the owner if her friend and has even given her a big discount, she feels he also needs it as he works a lot in the café. Pallavi turns but a worker bump into her caring the milkshake to fall on her saree, her friend mentions that she was in need so they hired her.

Pallavi questions if they have opened an orphanage when Nik questions what is the need to be so rude since she just made a mistake, Pallavi says Nikhil is always ready to help the needy like Sonali, she suggests he should open an orphanage, she asks her friend if she would accompany her to the parlor, they talk that if she goes with Pallavi so might not be in the correct state of mind.

The worker immediately requests Nik to not fire her since she must pay the rent and even arrange the food, Nikhil assures he is not going to fire her, and will even arrange the Diwali bonus even when she has come after the function, he suggests she must go and rest since it might have caused her to be tired, Nikhil wonders what has happened to Pallavi.

Pallavi exclaims she has never used this name for her advantage but now feels she should take the car and is going to keep it with her the entire day, he friend is staring at her so Pallavi asks if she needs to correct her lipstick. Her friend mentions she feels Pallavi is lying since if she cared for money then should have done this a long time ago but Pallavi replies when did she got the time to do these things for her own self, Lalita mentions Pallavi once told her how she found Sonali was with Nikhil on their wedding night and she has still not told anyone about it, she demands Pallavi should tell her the truth but she sees the person in the black hoodie behind the tree so suggests they should go and have a Kulfi on their favorite spot but Lalita replies Nik was right since she is hiding something and there is something wrong with her mind, she leaves refusing to go with Pallavi.

Pallavi is cooking in the kitchen when Sonali comes and is impressed asking what she is doing, she replies she needs to have a discussion so made the Biriyani as this is the favorite of Nikhil. Sonali is shocked after seeing all the arrangements is shocked, Pallavi replies it seems today she would not be able to eat anything, Sonali questions what is she doing so Pallavi mentions she is preparing for a romantic night, Sonali is not that stupid that she cannot understand anything, she asks Sonali to go and bring the scented wax for the candles, Pallavi explains she is going to be the owner of the café.

Sonali running after her questions how can she be the owner when the café belongs to Badal, Pallavi asks how she started to care for her son after so many years, she replies she would not bear it if Sonali drags her children into all of this, she knows all the desires and plans of Sonali.

Sonali asks Pallavi to not forget she is hiding the truth from Nikhil when Pallavi replies she should go and tell him the entire truth right now and also reveal that someone is trying to kill her and even attacked her yesterday, she feels she must go to the police station as because of Sonali someone is following her. Pallavi mentions her time has ended so brings out a sweet for her from the fridge, Pallavi infrms how she must go and sleep in her room since it is the best thing for her, she needs to go there and be there peacefully otherwise it will be a very big problem for them. Pallavi also eats the sweet dish.

Nikhil enters the house when Pallavi mentions it is time for dinner and they need to talk, she informs Maa and Bi jee have gone for a ritual and Sonali is in her room so they both must talk with each other. Nikhil questions what is going on as she came back after one month so has something to talk about, Pallavi replies he feels she was with Ranbir since this is what he thinks about her, Nikhil replies she doesnot even understand him even when they have five children but still she cannot talk about her feelings. Nikhil informs he knows she came here for a reason and if she wants everything then he would surely give her the power of attorney. Pallavi asks if they can have dinner, Nikhil turns her mentioning she can share whatever is happening in her life, Pallavi replies she would not say there is nothing, but she cannot tell him, Nikhil explains he knows there was something since the wedding day, he wants to know the truth. Pallavi thinks how she can tell him that Badal is the son of Sonali, and she still cares a lot for his family reputation so decided to get him married to Sonali.

Pallavi turns mentioning she is no longer hungry, she made Biryani for him so he can eat it, Nikhil explains they can still have dinner with each other, Nikhil asks if she remembers the nigh when Harsh was six years old, and it was raining a lot that day. Pallavi remembering asks him to not make her recall that day, he says she did not even lock the room when Pallavi questions what the point is. Nikhil replies he feels she is really angry but whenever he remembers the past she has a weird smile and then he thinks she is angry with him but is not hate, she asks if he would only fill his stomach with their conversation.

Nikhil explains he cannot forget her Biryani and the pickle Pallavi says he must ask his wife for it since she is a master in it. The lights suddenly go out which stuns Pallavi, Nikhil replies this doesnot happen so frequently and he hurts his knee after hitting the chair. Pallavi brings the spray which she starts applying, Nikhil asks her to stop as it is hurting when she replies it is also hurting her, she brings a capsule for him.

Sonali is searching for the candles but thinks if Nikhil has them in their house has, she is scared after opening the drawer but is relieved to see it is just a cockroach, she is not able to find her mobile so sits on the floor when she sees it under the bed, Sonali feels it is really scary, she screams when someone puts a tool through the door.

Precap: Pallavi exclaims that Sonali must pay for her crimes since she took everything from her and this time a mother is going to win. Sonali thinks she scares the people, she hits the person with a racket after opening the door, she herself starts screaming.

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