Atal 10th June 2024 Written Update

Atal 10th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Atal 10th June 2024 Written Episode

The episode starts with KM learning that Sushila gave Awadh money to buy jewellery for Saraswati. She asks Awadh to return the jewellery. Awadh flatly refuses to do so. Saraswati says KM is right, he should return it even though he got something for her for the first time. KM says she is not jealous of her BIL and in fact wants him to buy lots of jewellery and diamonds, but when their family is in financial crisis, they can’t afford to buy jewellery. Awadh says it’s wrong, KM supports Atal in all his wrongdoings, but when did something for his wife, she is opposing him; he will not return the jewellery at any cost.

KB says he knows KM is right, but she should let it go. Sushila says he is right, let’s enjoy halwa; KM should stop ruining children’s happiness. KM says she would be the most happiest one seeing her children happy, but she can’t support wrong. Other children request KM next to let it go, but she refuses.

Saraswati starts her drama next. She wears jewellery/nose ring and asks KM to remove it herself, then they will celebrate wedding anniversary as usual. KM says Saraswati is intelligent and knows that a MIL can’t remove DIL’s nose ring until her son is alive, she blesses her to be suhagan forever and tries to walk away. Whole family insists her to forgive Awadh and participate in celebration. Awadh also insists. Sushila thinks KM will not agree, but to her disappointment KM agrees. They all enjoy halwa and praise it’s taste.

Tomar tells Sudarshan that Atal didn’t go to visit the king, he must have got afraid. Sudarshan says Atal will surely go and complain against him to the king. Awadh asks Atal to go and tell about Sudarshan’s atrocities towards them to the king. Atal leaves home with KB. Sudarshan stops him and says he is not afraid if Atal complains against him. Atal leaves. Sushila walks to Sudarshan and tells him that she gave money to Awadh as Awadh wanted to buy a gift for Saraswati, but didn’t have money. Sudarshan says she did right. KM thinks Sushila wants to turn everyone against Atal.

Precap: Sudarshan asks Atal if he complained against him to the king, he is not afraid.
Atal says Sudarshan didn’t sleep whole night, why he does wrong things which keeps him awake in tension. Tomar tells Sudarshan that he can to anything to prove Atal incompetent. Sudarshan asks him to kill Atal.

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