Atal 5th February 2024 Written Update

Atal 5th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Atal 5th February 2024 Written Episode

The episode starts with Krishna Maa/KM bringing Vimala home and shifting her to Awadh’s room. Saraswati says it’s her room. KM takes her away and asks how can she say that even after seeing Vimala’s condition and asks her to bring khichdi for Vimala. Saraswati thinks KM is throwing her out of her room to accommodate Vimala. KM returns to Vimala. Vimala asks if what her in-laws did was right.

Saraswati blames Atal for Awadh’s arrest and says if he, KV, and Shyamlal had bent on their knees and apologized Tomar, Tomar would have spared Awadh. Atal says supporting wrong is wrong. Saraswati continues to blame Atal and says she just wants her husband back home and not suffer because of their egos. Atal says Awadh is his elder brother and he is worried for his elder brother. KM walks in and warns Saraswati to stop blaming Atal or anyone Saraswati says just like they shifted Atal from English medium school to Hindi medium school and found a solution for his studies, they shall find a solution to get Awadh out of lockup. KM says they will bring Awadh back somehow but will never bent in front of Tomar.

Saraswati says she will go and stand outside police station until Awadh is released. KM stops her and scolds her that KM and Shyamlal’s dignity will be lost if she does that and asks her to get into the house. Saraswati gets adamant and walks out of the house. Atal stops KM going behind Saraswati and asks her to stay at home while he convinces Saraswati to return home. KM informs KM and Shyamlal what Saraswati did. KV gets angry hearing that. Shyamlal decides to apologize Tomar and walks towards his house while family tries to stop him. Atal walks behind Saraswati and promises her that he will bring Awadh home by tomorrow evening. Saraswati says he is too small and can’t understand anything. Atal says after Bhagat singh’s sacrifice he realized the value of soil and takes an oath on soil to bring Awadh tomorrow evening. Saraswati gets convinced and returns home with him.

Shyamlal walks outside Tomar’s house and calls him while family pleads him not to apologize Tomar. Tomar and his puppet Dayal walk out of their house. Shyamlal pleads him to forgive Awadh and agrees to apologize him. Tomar asks him to kneel down and apologize. KV agrees to apologize in place of his father. Tomar asks them both to apologize. KM says she will apologize on behalf of them, but Tomar disagrees.

Precap: Tomar plans to prove Awadh as a traitor and throw him in jail forever.
Atal tells clerk that they don’t have money to fight Awadh’s case and his evidence can save Awadh. Tomar gets ready to take Awadh to court.

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