Atal 5th June 2024 Written Update

Atal 5th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Atal 5th June 2024 Written Episode

The episode starts with Atal and KM getting ready to leave Gwalior. Neighbor offers them tiffin for the journey. Prem and Sada plead KM not to go. Lalitha taunts KM if she had controlled her son, this wouldn’t have happened. KM says not today. Atal’s friend Keshav says he will also accompany Atal to Bateshwar.

Gajodhar tells Atal that no one knows what is written in the future, Atal may return back to Gwalior. KM says he may be right. Sudarshan with his team walks in playing shank and says Atal had played shank and started war, he is playing shank and ending their war; Atal should go forever now.

King’s aide walks in with gifts for Atal and asks if he is going somewhere. He is shocked to see Sudharshan there and asks what is he doing here. Sudharshan says Atal is going to Bateshwar forever. Aide says he got a gift from the king for Atal and asks Atal to visit king’s darbar tonight as the king wants to talk to him.

Sudhar says Atal is going from here. Atal says his family is threatened, so he is going from there. Aide asks if he can do something. Atal takes him aide and reveals that his father was threatened. Aide asks who? Sudarshan gets tensed thinking Atal may take his name. Aide returns and tells Sudarshan that he should be ashamed. Sudarshan says he didn’t do anything, Atal wrongly took his name. Aide says Atal didn’t take anyone’s name and asks Sudharshan to find out who threatened Atal’s father. He leaves asking Atal again to visit the king tonight.

Precap: KM tells Atal that his relationship with Gwalior will not end. KB says this relationship will not end so soon. Sudarshan says KB is right, they should be careful.

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