Atal 8th July 2024 Written Update

Atal 8th July 2024 Written Update by MA

Atal 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The episode starts with Tomar frightening the girls and threatening Atal that the girls will not get a permission to study. He asks girl’s parents to drag the girls home. Other girl’s group with sarpanch’s daughters join them and challenge sarpanchs that they can’t snatch their right to education. Tomar threatens even them that they will not change their tradition and warns them to return home. Atal says Panch’s decision will change Gwalior’s future for good.

Atal asks someone to come in. King’s minister walks in. Atal asks him to inform the king that Tomar is against girl’s education. Tomar gets afraid and says he didn’t say anything. KM says he got afraid seeing king’s minister. Atal recalls asking KB to call king’s minister to the panchayath meeting tomorrow as they need a tiger sometimes to frighten a bear. Minister tongue lashes panchs that nobody has right to stop girl’s education and says it’s up to panchs whether they will let their girl’s study or not. He tells KB that his son will really change Gwalior’s future for good and leaves.

Panchs yell at Atal that he ruined their tradition and will not be spared. They walk away. Girl’s praise Atal for his courage and says today will be remembered for the revolution in Gwalior’s history and whenever girl education is question, Atal’s example is will be given. Back home, Vimla tells Atal that if someone had stood up for her, she would have also been educated today. Atal thanks KM for her help. KM says she is proud of him and asks him not to thank his mother.

Precap: Tomar provokes sarpanchs to take revenge from Atal’s family for their insult. Shushila suggests them to beat Awadh. They beat Awadh and when Atal questions threaten to beat whole family. Awadh asks Atal to obey his orders.

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